Best Horror Games On Xbox Game Pass (November 2022)

If you have a thing for Horror, this is the list of top 5 best horror games on Xbox Game Pass.

Horror is a genre which not everyone has a stomach for. The chills that run down the spine is indeed an experience everyone has felt. One more thing about Horror, is that you can’t get it out of your mind. You remember the horrifying experience no matter how much you try to forget it. It lingers at the back of your head, like a ghost is probably lingering behind you right now. Just Kidding! This article consists of a list of 5 best Horror games on Xbox Game Pass.

List of the Best Horror Games on Xbox Game Pass [November 2022]

Here’s a list of the best horror games which are available on Xbox Game Pass – get ready to be creeped out.


visage xbox game pass

Visage is one of the most spine-chilling games on Xbox Game Pass. The graphics of the game will lead you to believe that the ghosts and spirits are hunting you and not the lead game character. The story line unfolds as the lead game character is in the house which has a notorious history of a dead family.

Being the player, you will have memories of that family even though you have never known them. The corridors and empty room are more than what your eyes can see, mazes, mind games and jump scares. A complete psychological horror experience offered to you on a plate. Hence, Visage made it to the top of this list. It takes around 7-9 hours to complete the game’s main story, but if you’re the one to explore every puzzle hidden in there, you’ll take more than 20 hours to complete the game.

Dead Space

dead space on xbox game pass

Dead Space makes it to this list because of it’s out of the world plot. This game doesn’t have any spirits or ghost to call it horror but the reality that is awaiting our future is equally horrifying. The story line is set in the year 2508 and you will be playing Issac Clark, the lead character in the game, . You have to navigate the ship away from the dangers and you have to destroy the Red Marker for the sake of your survival.

A future where everything is visually destroyed and all that surrounds you is mostly debris or any dead bodies, this thought alone gives you goose-bumps. The game will take around 11 hours to complete following the main plot, if you’re discovering other parts of the game, it will take you roughly 20 hours to complete the game.

Dead By Daylight

dead by daylight xbox game pass

Dead by Daylight is a horror game that lets you play with your friends both, the protagonist and the antagonist. In this multiplayer game, one person is supposed to play the Killer, the antagonist, and a group of people have to play the Survivors. It is 4 vs 1 multiplayer game. In order to win against the Killer, the Survivors have to co-operate with each other. Players can choose if they want to co-operate or be selfish and take on the Killer alone.

Another surprising move played by the developers is that the situations in the game keep changing which means you will not face the same threat twice. You have to be alert and confide in your teammates to emerge victorious. That’s why Dead by Daylight has made it to this list.

The Evil Within

evil within xbox game pass

The Evil Within is a psychological horror game. In the game, you will be playing Detective Castellanos. The Detective is summoned at a mental asylum which is blood-ridden and looks more like a slaughter-house than an asylum. The game depicts certain anomalies which are happening in a world inside of the antagonist’s consciousness. You have to survive in the consciousness and get back into the real world.

Alien Isolation

alien isolation horror

Alien Isolation, the name gives it up, doesn’t it? The timeline of the game is set ahead of that of the movie. The game revolves around Amanda Ripley, who is the daughter of Ellen Ripley, the protagonist of the movie. Amanda is searching for her missing mother on the space station which now inhabits dead bodies and the Alien who has killed everybody on-board.

These are the best horror games which are available on Xbox Game Pass. Try and play them while they are available on Xbox Game Pass. While you’re here, you can check out Best Co-op Horror Games and Best Killers in Dead By Daylight.