Top 7 Best Co-op Horror Games List (November 2022)

Horror multiplayer are best games for a game night. Here is a list of the best horror multiplayer games you can in co-op mode as well.

Co-op games are the best way to bond during the pandemic and adding the surprises of horror games will make it even more indulging. Many horror games have a co-op or multiplayer mode because of surprises and players’ reactions. In case you are stuck and want to know which games you should play with your friends, here’s a list of the best co-op horror games.

Top 7 Co-op Horror Games (November 2022)

1)  Secret Neighbour

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You and your teammates have to rescue a friend from a scary neighbour’s house. While the game seems like a co-op rescue game set in a creepy house there’s more to it. One of your teammates is the neighbour in disguise which adds suspense and thrill to the game. The thrill of getting caught and the whole among us type scenario makes the game a must-play with your friends. Secret neighbour is available on Xbox, Playstation, Windows, and Google Stadia. The game supports crossplay among Xbox and PC players but not Playstation players

2)  Friday the 13th

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All of us have been terrified of the hockey mask Jason but this game gives you the chance to be him but there’s a catch. Friday the 13th is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where 1 of the 8 players will be Jason and the other 7 will be the teenagers running from him. Players get to use a variety of traps to get away from Jason while Jason has some powers to get the leverage over the 7 teenagers. The cat and mouse chase combined with the thrill and horror makes the game a must-play. Friday the 13th is available on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC but sadly the game doesn’t support crossplay across platforms.

3)  Pacify

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Pacify tries to keep things simple, team up with your friends to catch a ghost. While the base plot is simple players can use multiple items to team up and catch the ghost. Jump scares and horror and the plus points of Pacify which is why you would have seen many streamers playing the game. Pacify is available on Windows and Mac and supports cross-play among both platforms.

4)  In Silence

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Another asymmetrical multiplayer on the list In silence also pitches a group of friends against a monster. The friends have to get out of the jungle before the monster gets to them, the twist here is the monster can’t see you until you make any sound (hence the name, In Silence). Players get a lot of items to get away from the monster but using them or tumbling over those items and other things can alert the monster. In Silence is available on Windows and Mac and supports cross-play among both platforms.

5)  GTFO

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In GTFO 4 players team up to get precious artifacts and other items from the underground complex as per the orders of The Warden. The catch here is that the underground complex is filled with monsters. GTFO in its true sense is a 4 player co-op horror looter shooter, the combination is unique and the developers have hit it out of the park.  GTFO is only available on Windows so you might want to play some other game from the list with your console gamer friends

6)  Deceit

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Another deduction game on the list but Deceit is a bit different. One of the players is infected and the other players have to figure out and kill the infected teammate. While it sounds simple the game has plenty of side quests that will push you to play the game a certain way or should I say the difficult way. As of now, Deceit is also only available on Windows but developers have promised a console launch soon.

7)  Dead by daylight

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It’s been over 5 years since the release and Dead by Daylight is still the best in the horror co-op genre. The game is based on the premise of the famous movie Slasher where one killer is trying to find and “slash” the other four players. The variety of items and the thrill make the game stand out which is this becomes a must-play with your friends, in case you haven’t already. Dead by Daylight is available on all major platforms PC, Xbox, Playstation. Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS but the crossplay conditions are a bit tricky as Dead by Daylight only supports crossplay among Android and iOS.

This was our complete list of the best horror co-op games you can play with your friends. The list is in no specific order as well as all the games in the list are equally.

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