How To Buy Battle Pass In Arena Breakout CBT

Here is a guide to help you get your hands on the battle pass in Arena Breakout.

In Arena Breakout, players have been looking for a way to buy the battle pass. The battle pass will help you gain access to more weapons and items in the game that is needed for your progress. It will also let you gain access to more in-game content. The pass does not last forever and may require renewal. Here is how you buy it.

How to Buy Battle Pass in Arena Breakout

get battle pass in arena breakout

When you first join Arena Breakout, you do not have to buy the battle pass.

  • You have to keep playing the game or logging into the game for 7 days straight to receive daily rewards.
  • Then on the 7th day, you will receive the Basic Battle Pass. This battle pass will help you get the Choice Bundle.
  • You also get access to the Premium Battle Pass on day 7.
  • Then the Advanced battle pass can be bought with the help of Keons. Which is the currency in Arena Breakout.
  • To get access to different battle passes, you have to keep crossing levels to reach there.
  • In the process, you have to keep saving Keons to be able to buy the battle pass, when you get there.

You can also unlock rewards on purchases and earn some XP and Keon. When you buy 1 battle pass, it lasts for at least a month. Players had to wait for the CBT stage to get access to all the other battle passes. It is recommended to players to purchase the Premium battle pass, instead of the Advanced, to save their money every month.

Players also tend to buy different skins and types of equipment directly, hoping that the battle pass will help them get it. As sometimes you may not be satisfied with the content of the bundle and would rather want to manually purchase what you like. Keon can be earned easily through selling loots and other equipment and heavy purchases can be made.

However, if you still want to get access to battle passes, you should give it a try. This was all on how to buy a battle pass. If you found this article helpful you can also check out the best weapons tier list in Arena Breakout.