Free Fire OB28 Patch Notes Leaked: Characters, Pets, Weapon, Items & More Features

Here's everything you need to know about Free Fire OB28 patch notes.

In a month or two, Garena Free Fire launches a major update, introducing a lot of new things to the game. Similar to previous updates, Garena is most likely to add a bunch of new weapons, gun skins, and Gloo wall skins through Free Fire OB28 update.

Since there are still a few days left to the release of the OB28 update, there are multiple reports making rounds on social media claiming that the patch notes of Free Fire OB28 has been leaked on the internet.

Free Fire OB28 Patch Notes Leaked On The Intenet

Here are all new items and features that Garena is most likely to add in the upcoming update of Free Fire.

Ice Grenade

According to the leaked Free Fire OB28 patch notes, Garena will add a new utility item named ‘Ice Grenade’ to Free Fire. As per the leaks revealed by Knight Clown, this newly added utility item will be available in both popular modes — Battle Royale and Clash Squad.

What makes people excited about Ice Grenade is it can inflict massive damage to opponents when exploded.

Vending Machine

Notably, Ice Grenade is not the only item that Garena is reportedly adding in Free Fire OB28 update. The leak also mentioned that fans will also have vending machines in BR Mode.

Clash Squad

The upcoming season of Free Fire is most likely to commence on June 9th, 2021. When you reach Gold 11 and above, you will be given ‘The Golden M1014’ as a reward.

Notably, Garena is reportedly adding a new rank named ‘Grandmaster’ in Clash Squad. As per the leak, only 1000 Heroic players will be promoted to this rank.

Here’s how Grandmaster rank is divided into three different categories:

  • Grandmaster I – Top 1-100 players
  • Grandmaster II – Top 101-300 players
  • Grandmaster III – Top 301-1000 players

Characters and Pet

Apart from new items and rank, Garena is reported to have added a bunch of new pets and characters in the FF OB28 update. Let’s take a look at each pet and characters that are most likely to be added in Free Fire.

Character: D-bee

According to the leaked FF OB28 patch note, Garena will soon add a new character named, D-Bee. He will have the ability called Bullet Beats that increases not only movement speed but also accuracy while firing.

Pet: Dr. Beanie

Among the upcoming Free Fire pets, Dr. Beanie is one of them. Once equipped, it will increase the movement speed by 30/40/60%.

New Weapons

There are multiple weapons that Garena will soon add in Free Fire OB28. If you don’t know what these weapons are then keep reading this post.

Mini UZI

According to the leaked patch notes, Garena will soon add multiple weapons with Free Fire OB28 update. One of them is the Mini UZI weapon, whose base damage is 17 and the Rate of Fire is 0.055.


The next weapon that fans will witness in the upcoming update of Free Fire is M1917, whose minimum damage is 36 and effective range is more than 25.


The much-awaited gun Kord is most likely to be added in the FF OB28 update. The only reason why fans are quite excited about this weapon is its accuracy and Rate of Fire are more than 28 and 25, respectively.

Apart from the opponents, this weapon also has the potential to cause heavy damage to Gloo wall, Oil barrel, and more.


The next weapon that Garena will launch in the next update is the M60. Its damage in Machine gun mode is more than 5.  Similar to Kord, it can also inflict damage to Gloo walls, oil barrel,s and vehicles +60%.


The last weapon that Garena will add in the next update is Kar98K. It can cause a significant number of damage to both Arms and Legs.


Apart from these new weapons, pets, characters, and rank, Garena will add numerous other things and fix bugs and glitches available in Free Fire.