AS Gaming’s Free Fire ID, Monthly Income, Subscribers, India rank, And More

Here's everything you need to know about AS Gaming.

Sahil Rana aka AS Gaming is arguably one of the most popular Indian Gamers. He mostly plays Garena Free Fire. AS Gaming had recently achieved a milestone of having 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, making him the second most followed Indian gamer on YouTube. After Total Gaming, AS Gaming is the only Indian YouTube channel that has more than 10 million subscribers.

At the time of writing this post, AS Gaming 10.3 million subscribers. Considering the popularity of Sahil Rana, every Free Fire fan wants to play with AS Gaming and for that, they need to know his Free Fire ID.

In this post, we will break down everything about Sahil Rana aka AS Gaming, including Free Fire ID, monthly income, total subscribers, India Rank, Channel views, and more.

AS Gaming’s Free Fire ID

AS Gaming’s Free Fire ID is 169525329. 

AS Gaming Free Fire Stats

All-time stats

According to SportsKeeda, AS Gaming has played 7615 Squad matches and emerge victorious in1162 matches, taking its winning percentage to 15.25%. Sahil Rana has a KD ratio of 3.01.

When it comes to duo matches, AS Gaming has played 2180. Of these matches, he won 301 matches, taking his win ratio to 13.80%. With a 3.13 KD ratio, he killed 5883 enemies in duo matches in Free Fire.

As compared to Duo and Squad, AS Gaming’s KD ratio in solo matches is a bit high. Yes, he was a KD ratio of 3.94.

Ranked Stats

In the current ranked season, AS Gaming took part in 83 Squad matches but own only 16, taking his win ratio to 19.27%. With a 4.00 KD ratio, he eliminated 268 enemies in 83 Squad matches. He has only played a single solo match in Ranked season in which he gathered three frags.

The stats we have mentioned here were recorded in the month of April 2021.

AS Gaming’s earnings

AS Gaming has not yet disclosed the amount of money he is making through his YouTube. However, if anything to go by Social Blade, AS Gaming’s monthly earning from YouTube, is between $38.5k to $615.8k.

AS Gaming YouTube Channel Rank

The YouTube channel AS Gaming was created in October 2016 but he started posting content on the channel in January 2019. In 2020, he did not only gain fame and recognition but also became one of the most popular Gaming YouTube channels in India.

According to the report, AS Gaming’s YouTube channel rank is 129.

That’s everything you need to know about AS Gaming aka Sahil Rana.