How To Record Whatsapp Call With Audio

Find out how you can record calls from your mobile device.

WhatsApp is a text messaging and video calling app. While it is not possible to record a WhatsApp call with audio from within the app, it is not impossible to do so. If users want to know how to do this, they should check out the methods given below.

Ways To Record WhatsApp Call With Audio


There are two ways to record a WhatsApp call. We have stated both these methods below and users can pick whichever seems the most convenient to them.

Use Mobile Phone Recorder

One of the easiest ways to record WhatsApp call with audio is to use the default voice recording app. To do this, users must have a smartphone that supports multi-tasking. This way users can switch to a voice recording app on their phone without terminating the call. On the voice recording app, users can simply click record to start recording the audio.

Third-Party Recorder App

There are a number of third-party apps that can record a WhatsApp call besides providing other features. Users can choose from the wide variety of choices like the ASR Voice Recorder, Dolby On, Easy Voice Recorder, etc. All these apps can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Much like the previous option, players can switch between the apps to record the audio.

External Recorder

Some phones do not support third-party app accessing WhatsApp and the microphone at the same time. This is particularly an issue for iPhone users. To overcome this, users may need to get an external recorder. The easiest way to do this is by using a recording app on a second phone. This way users can record the call even though it is not technically possible to do so on their phone.

These are the ways in which users can record WhatsApp call with Audio. For similar content, check out How To Record Internal Audio On Mac During Screen Recording?