Valorant: How To Get The Duality Player Card?

Player cards make you character cooler in Valorant. Now that Duality Player card is no more time-limited here's how to claim it in Valorant.

Valorant is all about Style. Valorant is what you get when you combine the mechanics of Counter Strike with the looks of Fortnite. How the character looks is a big deal in the game, while there are many items you can get there’s nothing like the Duality player card. The Player Card is the theme that displays in the game apart from the gameplay part. Let’s see how to get the Duality Player Card in Valorant.

How To Get The Duality Player Card In Valorant?

Valorant duality player card
Players can redeem the card from the game’s website free of cost. Initially, the Duality player card was announced as a time-bound item that players could claim only for 48 hours. Riot games site crashed after which they decided to lift the time limit allowing players to claim it anytime.

All you need to is go to the official site by clicking on the link. You will see two options of either creating a Riot account or logging in using a Riot account. Click on the sign-in option and log in to the site using your Riot account. Use the code YTILAUD and you will be able to see the Duality player card in your game.

In case you don’t see it that might be because you didn’t shut the game while claiming it. Try restarting the game and you will be able to see it. The riot site is still crashing because of the high traffic, we recommend you keep trying as the developers have assured you that they are working on fixing it.

Valorant will be soon releasing a pride card as well so claim this before that as the traffic isn’t going away anytime soon. In case you aren’t able to sign in just be hopeful, who knows you might claim both the pride card and duality card together.

That’s all for this one, do check out our article to know how to change your display name in Valorant.