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Undertale Tower Defense Tier List (January 2023)

What are the best monster towers in Undertale Tower Defense?

Undertale Tower Defense is the Roblox adaptation of the popular indie game Undertale. Players can fight monsters or train them to defend their towers in the game. Building a good defense early in the game will help players a lot later. However, there are a lot of different monster towers with different skills, abilities, attacks, and stats. Choosing the best Tower Defense in Undertale can be quite confusing as there are so many options and this is why we have put together this Tier List.

Here we list out the best and the worst monster tower in Undertale Tower Defense. We would like to emphasize that these rankings are based on personal opinions and should not dissuade players from trying out all the available options. The best tower defense is often the one that complements a player’s gameplay.

Undertale Tower Defense Tier List


Below we have put together the Undertale Tower Defense Tier List. We have taken factors such as tower rarity, power, defense, and support stats into consideration. There are several types of monster towers available in the game. These include Starter Monsters, Ruins Monsters, Snowdin Monsters, Waterfall Monsters, Hotland Monsters, Core Monsters, Last Corridor Monsters, and New Home Monsters.

All these different monster towers have different strengths and weaknesses. While some monster towers might be quite powerful, their difficulty level might be too high for casual players. Keeping all of these factors in mind, here’s the Undertale Tower Defense Tier List.


These are all the best and worst monster towers in Undertale Tower Defense. Players might be able to get good results with low tier towers but they will have to gain experience and learn about the tower’s abilities before they can do so. As we stated before, this tier list is based on personal opinion and should not keep players from trying out all the towers in the game.

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