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PunBall: Best Pets Tier List (2023)

Want to know about the best pets in Punball? Refer to this tier list.

Among the many factors in Punball, there’s one factor that can assist you in clearing levels. And that factor is the Pet System in the game. There are several pets that you have to acquire while playing. However, you must first clear stage 19 before you can access the Pets tab. If you’re looking for the tier list of the best pets in Punball, you’ve landed in the right place.

The pets help you carve an edge while defeating enemies. In this guide, we have covered all there is to know about pets in the game. Glance through this guide and you’ll on your way to selecting the best pets to accompany your hero.

Tier List of Best Pets in Punball – 2023

Best Pets Tier List Punball
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Here, we have mentioned the best pets in Punball. This tier list is categorized into 4 tiers starting from the S tier and ranging up to the C tier. In the S tier, we have placed the top-tier pets whereas, in the C tier, we have included the decent pets.

Tier Pets
S  Butterfly, Octopus, Turtle, Thunder Wolf, Wind Phoenix
A Green Sprout, Thunder Boar, Puffer, Sea Dragon, Thunder Spirit
B  Fire Boar, Fire Dragon, Thunder Bear, Fire Spirit, Phoenix
C Chomper, Jungle Boar, Fire Wolf

Similar to the other equipment and items, even pets have rarities that are determined by the color it possesses. The classification of the rarities based on colors is given below.

  • Gray = Normal
  • Green = Good
  • Blue = Rare
  • Purple = Epic
  • Gold = Legendary
  • Red = Honour

Also, you can upgrade the rarity of pets by fusing duplicate copies of a pet. You can select up to 3 pets to accompany you in the levels. This is all you need to know about the best pets tier list in Punball.

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