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Monsters Tier List In Evolve Stage 2 (2023)

Want to know which of the Monsters are most dangerous? Check this Tier List out.

Monsters are the other side of the coin in Evolve Stage 2. As the gameplay format of Evolve Stage 2 is 4v1, those 4 Hunters will take on 1 of these creatures. Each Monster has its own ability and killing tactics to throw at its opponents. In total there are 5 Monsters that players can choose. Although playing as a Monster is fun but it also means that you will be up against 4 opponents.

In this guide, we have covered the Tier List of Monsters in Evolve Stage 2. The Monsters are divided into 3 tiers and the list is subject to vary from player to player based on the gameplay and experience. Read along with the guide further to know more.

Evolve Stage 2 Monster Tier List

Evolve Stage 2 Monsters

As mentioned earlier, the S tier is the apex tier and the B Tier is the lowest. Each Monster has its own gameplay experience and it also depends on how the player uses the character in the game. The players can choose one of these terrifying creatures and defeat the Hunters in the game. You will find the tier list of Monsters in Evolve Stage 2 below.

Tiers Monsters
S Wraith, Goliath
A Kraken, Gorgon
B Behemoth

Apart from these monsters, there are also other Monster Adaptations which include

  • Glacial Behemoth
  • Queen Gorgon
  • Elder Kraken
  • Meteor Goliath

These Monster Adaptions are different from the other Monsters considering their abilities and attacks. If they were to be added to the Tier List, they would be placed accordingly,

Tiers  Monsters
S Wraith, Goliath, Elder Kraken
A Kraken, Gorgon, Glacial Behemoth
B Behemoth, Queen Gorgon, Meteor Goliath

This is the Tier List of Monsters in Evolve Stage 2. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and feel free to check out other such guides such as Hunters Tier List in Evolve Stage 2.