Crush Them All Tier List (2023)

Here are the best of the best ranked on your very own Crush Them All tier list.

Crush Them All is a super cool Battle Royale game where players create a team and fight off a variety of enemies. You can upgrade your heroes to make them stronger using in-game currency. But choosing the right hero to upgrade can be tricky. Especially if you don’t know which ones are worth it. Having a tier list helps you with that issue! And so, here is your Crush Them All tier list with the best characters ranked.

Crush Them All Tier List (April 2023)

Crush Them All Tier list

Tier Element Rarity
S Tier
Angelica Light Legendary
Alda Fire Epic
Dark Hunter Dark Rare
Furiosa Fire Rare
Leaf Blade Earth Epic
Lycan Earth Epic
Namida Water Epic
Tesla Light Epic
Trickster Dark Epic
Valkyrie Water Epic
Vlad Dark Epic
A Tier
Atlantus Water Rare
Gladiator Earth Rare
Groovine Earth Rare
Ice Cube Water Epic
Kage Dark Rare
Kasai Fire Rare
Kasumi Dark Epic
Luka Water Rare
Merlinus Light Rare
Monki King Fire Rare
One Eye Light Rare
Ornok Dark Legendary
Petunia Earth Epic
Pirato Water Rare
Robin Hood Earth Rare
Rufus Water Rare
Scud Fire Epic
Seraph Light Rare
Sorrow Dark Rare
Thor Light Rare
Thorn Earth Epic
B Tier
Arcana Light Rare
Bat Dark Common
Black Beard Water Rare
Blue Fish Water Common
Dark Knight Dark Rare
Goddess Water Rare
Gold Knight Light Rare
Green Faery Earth Epic
Hikari Light Epic
Jasmine Fire Rare
Joan of Arc Light Rare
Krouki Earth Rare
Light Knight Light Common
Magmus Fire Rare
Mizu Water Rare
Monki Roboti Light Epic
Musashi Earth Rare
Necromancer Dark Epic
Neko Dark Rare
Onyx Dark Epic
Siegfried Light Rare
Skeleton Infantry Dark Common
Sprout Earth Common
Spyro Fire Rare
Voodoo Dagger Earth Common
Xak Fire Rare
Tier C
Big Eye Light Common
Bugonaut Archer Water Common
Bugonaut Spear Water Common
Chaos Dark Rare
Fire Monk Fire Rare
Krunk Light Rare
Natura Earth Rare
Oceana Water Rare
Skeleton Ranger Dark Common
Spark Fire Rare
Tiny Dragon Fire Common
Voodoo Archer Earth Common
Wolfie Earth Rare
Tier D
Bugonaut Fighter Water Common
Bugonaut Giant Water Common
Dark Wolf Dark Rare
Skeleton Giant Dark Common
Voodoo Spear Earth Common
Vulcan Fighter Fire Common
Vulcan Hammer Fire Common


Easily adapts to any environment, these are the best of the best. These heroes will win you many victories and having at least one in your team is not a want. It is a need. Even though finding one is rare and quite difficult, they are worth the hunt.


Formidable fighters, these heroes are strong and great on the field. You will want to have them on your team as they will win you most, if not all your matches. Though, they are going to find it difficult to go against an S-Tier opponent.


These are good heroes, maybe not the best in the game but definitely worth a catch. These heroes are able to fight off smaller enemies with ease but will incur a lot of damage against bosses. And so, you can use them for support more than anything else.


These heroes are some of the most common to find, while they aren’t the strongest out there, they are great to start off with as beginners and can even work well in certain situations. Just don’t use them every time you get into a fight as they are not easily adaptable to every situation.


These heroes really aren’t good to fight with. However, they are quite fun to play with. Cute and easy to work with, that’s all you can hope for.

That’s all there is to it! This was the Crush Them All tier list to help you use and lookout for the best fighters for you. If you’re interested in other BGMI games, check out this one on Top 5 Battle Royale Games Similar To PUBG Mobile/BGMI.