Call Of Antia Tier List: Best Heroes In CoA Ranked (April 2023)

Which Heroes are the absolute best in Call Of Antia and which ones should you ditch?

Call of Antia is a match 3 RPG game where players travel the land encountering plenty of adventures along the way. Players will need to battle a lot of enemies on their travels and they will need the best heroes in the game on their team as they progress. This is why we have put together this Call Of Antia Tier List ranking all the Heroes in the game from S to C tier. Though the best characters are determined by the players controlling them, this list helps make the selection a bit easier. With that in mind, let us take a look at the Call Of Antia Tier List.

Call Of Antia Tier List (April 2023)


While the game already has star rankings for its Heroes, it is not always indicative of their usefulness. There are some 3-star Heroes that aren’t that stellar according to the game but still made their way on this list. The Healer character Eliza is a prime example of this. Even though the game only ranks her at 3 stars, her healing capabilities are enough to land her a spot on the A-Tier. However, most of the time the game is accurate with its rating and most of these Heroes are 4-5 stars.


The absolute best characters in the game. These characters offer a lot of value to the team either on offense or defense. Players with these Heroes on their roster are bound to do a lot of damage.

  • Aldin (Fire)
  • Agatha (Light)
  • Cathbad (Leaf)
  • Garabeth (Fire)
  • Malfort (Leaf)
  • Irilia (Water)
  • Isadora (Leaf)
  • Mytus (Light)
  • Kharma (Leaf)
  • Wu-Kong (Fire)


While not as Over Powered as the S Tier Heroes, these characters are still to watch out for. They can give the opponents a serious run for their money.

  • Alia (Water)
  • Gardor (Leaf)
  • Eliza (Leaf)
  • Sdeedlite (Water)
  • Wanda (Water)
  • Jane (Light)
  • Mary (Shadow)
  • Thaurissan (Fire)
  • Elmyst (Shadow)
  • Felia (Leaf)
  • Zania (Shadow)

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Good Heroes that can give solid performances if upgraded sufficiently.

  • Damon (Shadow)
  • Rebecca (Light)
  • Helena (Fire)
  • Keith (Light)
  • Fiona (Water)
  • Robert (Leaf)
  • Pearl (Fire)
  • Reginald (Light)
  • Hightowe (Leaf)
  • Katlyn (Shadow)
  • Gwenda (Light)
  • Theodor (Shadow)
  • Sho-Min (Leaf)
  • Lynn (Fire)
  • Lupita (Light)
  • Fabula (Leaf)
  • Harek (Water)
  • The Survivor (Water)
  • Silvia (Shadow)
  • Morella (Shadow)
  • Zong-Hao (Fire)
  • Aahoo (Water)


Players should really upgrade to Heroes from a higher Tier as characters in this Tier won’t be useful past the starting stages. Their Skills aren’t worth investing in an upgrade for and players would be much better of recruiting new heroes to their team.

  • Belle (Fire)
  • Bruno (Light)
  • Jacob (Light)
  • Cassandra (Water)
  • Miriam (Water)
  • Pu-Feng (Leaf)
  • Serapus (Fire)
  • Snafe (Fire)
  • Meena (Leaf)
  • Tigroth (Water)
  • Morgan (Leaf)
  • Percibel (Shadow)
  • Fei-Yun (Fire)
  • Francis (Shadow)
  • Roland (Light)
  • Sammy (Shadow)

How To Reroll In Call Of Antia?

While it is not possible to reroll in Call of Antia, players should not go uninstalling the game if they don’t get their desired Heroes. CoA grants players one free Daily Summon each day through which players can get 1-4 star Heroes. In addition, the game often has summon events through which players can get specific Heroes.

Moreover, the game also has the option of Epic Summon where players can summon 1 to 10 Heroes by using the Tears of Ancestors item. Players can also use diamonds if they do not have the item. So, there are plenty of options to get the character of choice without having to do it all over again. We will keep updating this list as new Heroes are added to the game.

This is the Call of Antia Tier List for now. We will keep updating the list as new characters are added to the game. Till then, check out A One Piece Game Fruit Tier List for the best fruits in A One Piece game.