Catalyst Black Banner Tier List (2023)

Looking for the best Banner in Catalyst Black? Follow this guide and learn about the Banners Tier List.

Catalyst Black is a shooter game that can be played on Android and iOS platforms. In this game, you can avail several items in the game through chests, rewards, etc. There are 4 kinds of items that you can use while playing the game. They are viz. Ability, Primary, Trinket, and Heavy. The Banners play as characteristics assigned to the items which enhance their capabilities in the game. In this article, we have managed to put together a Tier List of the Banners in Catalyst Black.

Banner Tier List in Catalyst Black – April 2023

Catalyst Black Banner List

There are 9 Banners in all in Catalyst Black namely,

  • Assassin
  • Primalist
  • Primal Hunter
  • Protector
  • Ranger
  • Seeker
  • Sniper
  • Support
  • Vanguard

Each of these banners are have its own ability which can be used. In one game, you can choose up to 4 Banners. Let’s get into the Tier List.

The Tier List is divided into 5 sections viz. Tier S, A, B and C. In this sense, Tier S is the highest tier and Tier C is the lowest.

Tier S


Assassin Banner is placed in Tier S because of the range it provides the extra damage to. It helps you to deal extra damage to the enemies if you are in a 6 meter radius of the enemies. The extra damage dealt depends upon how many Assassin banners have you selected in the game. If you have selected one Assassin Banner, the damage will increase by 8%. If you have 2 Banners, you attack will be enhanced by 24%. The percentage of the damage is increased up to 40% depending on the number of Banners you have selected.


Support Banner is one of the best Banners to use if you are an amateur or are getting the hang of this game. And this is why it is ranked in the top Tier. It reduces the cooldown of your ability and helps you attack the enemies on a faster rate. If you’re familiar with the character you’re playing with, Selecting the Support Banner can help you clear the bush faster. The reduced time of this banner depends up on the number of banners you have added. If you have chosen only 1 Support Banner, it will give you 10 Ability Haste. The more the banners, the lesser is your cooldown time.


Vanguard Banner, in Catalyst Black, is considered to be one of the most preferrable Banners. Using this banner, you can absorb certain HP from the enemies if they take damage from you. This Banner deserves its spot in this Tier because of this very ability is offers. If you have selected one Vanguard Banner, you can gain up to 14 HP with each hit. The HP keeps increasing depending upon the number of banners you are choosing in one game.

Tier A


Protector Banner makes it to Tier A because of how it helps in enhancing your maximum health up to a certain amount while playing the game. If you have got 1 Protector Banner, your maximum health will be increased by 10%. It keeps increasing according to the number of Banners you have selected.

Primal Hunter

Primal Hunter Banner is one useful and handy banner anyone could use. It helps you deal more damage to the enemies who are in the Primal form in the game. If you have selected one Primal Hunter Banner, it will enhance your attack on the enemies with Primal form by 25%. As you increase the number of Banners in the game, you can deal up to 125% damage to the Primal enemies.

Tier B


Ranger Banner allows you to sneak in and out of a battle in a jiffy. Using this Banner, you can easily get in the bush, attack the enemies, and easily get out from the middle of the battlefield. Also, your movement speed will increase out side of the bush. If you use 1 Ranger Banner, you can gain 5% of movement speed in the bush and your movement speed will be increased by 1.4 seconds outside of the bush. And hence, Ranger Banner is placed in Tier B of Banners in Catalyst Black.


Sniper Banner is placed in this Tier because its uses are limited and can’t be useful in every battle. Apart from this, this banner is also quite powerful. The Sniper Banner functions exactly like the Assassin Banner except for the range parameter. In Sniper Banner, you must be in a 9-meter radius of the enemy to deal extra damage. The more Banners you choose, the more extra damage you can imply on the enemies.

Tier C


Primalist Banner in Catalyst Black is placed so low in the Tier List because it might not be effective in the battle if you’re not familiar with the Banner. This Banner reduces the cooldown time of your ability to transform into the Primal Form, Primal Attack and Primal Power. If you use 1 Banner, you will receive 8 Primal Haste, 5 Primal attacks, and power haste. The more Banners you choose, the lesser cooldown time and more power.


The Seeker Banner is placed at the bottom of the Tier List. Having said that, this Banner also is mighty and can be more useful when the time demands. But, this Banner is not what you’ll have on priority, similar to the other banners in the list. Using the Seeker Banner, you will be able to gain free Primal Charge and Heavy Ammo accordingly. In the game, there are Turquoise and Red elements scattered throughout the map. The Turquoise elements are Primal energy and the Red elements are the Heavy ammo. If you walk on Primal energy, you will collect the Red elements and vice versa.

This was the Tier List of Banners in Catalyst Black. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can check out Gamesadda for more such articles and guides.