Top 14 Best Alternatives To TikTok Video App in India (2023)

List of the best apps like TikTok available on App store and Android

TikTok has become one of the largest video-sharing apps in the world. But its dominance is witnessed in a lot of countries including India. The news of the TikTok ban in India has made several users unhappy. However, your talent will prevail with you and the change in platform won’t cumbersome your talent. So here’s a list of TikTok alternative apps that will serve your purpose and claim to have enhanced features than TikTok. These apps are available on the iOS App Store as well as Android. Check it out.

List of Best TikTok Alternatives In India – 2023

Lomotif: #1 TikTok Alternative App

Best TikTok Alternatives

If you’re an iOS user and looking for an app like TikTok, this is totally your catch. For Android users, well, it’s an in progress. It’s launched recently and might take time in gaining followers. The features of this app allow you to make collages and montages, add photos and videos, join videos and even add music.

A built-in editor that can help you to crop, trim, cut, duplicate and even zoom in and zoom out with your videos. Add animated filters, GIFs, stickers and emojis to your videos and make them interesting. The extra features available in this app makes it a tough alternative to TikTok.

Through the community section, you can make new friends, a collab with other users, upload your videos and try out cool stuff. Make videos on special occasions and gain followers. The events are categorized beautifully such as Birthday and New Year. You can even post your videos on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and messenger with just one click.

Chingari – The Indian Made App

Best TikTok Alternatives

Chingari is an Indian app by an Indian company based in Bengaluru. The app is built fro scratch by Indians and has no external funding from China. It has now become the top two free apps available on play store. On Friday, 3rd July, the app crossed 10 million downloads. This app can surely be an alternative to TikTok. Overall, this is one of the best TikTok alternatives at the moment.


Best TikTok Alternatives

Now you can not only lip-sync with the music videos but also indulge in other fashion videos. Comedy videos and vlogging too. Get prices for liking, commenting and sharing other videos. Grant rewards if you get enough likes, comments and shares.

An amazing way to uplift and help everyone grow. It’s editing feature allows you to rectify your mistakes, cut and trim them too. Create your personalized content by making unique videos. One can even enhance the videos by adding filters, visual effects and stickers to make your content stand out from the rest. The app even allows you to challenge other users, start battles, debate on topics and display your creativity. The Dance-off feature in the app makes it much cooler than other apps.

Vigo Video: Best Indian Alternative For TikTok

Best TikTok Alternatives

This app is a revamped version of Snapchat but with an array of new features. Animated stickers and special effects to make your video appealing to watch. The beauty effect that helps yo hide your blemishes, and makes your skin look clear, even your skin tone and makes you look pretty. In just 15 seconds, you can show your talent in everything right from singing, dancing, comedy, art to even cooking.

Live stream with your followers, make friends from all over the world. Get money for getting likes and comment as the flame sign notifies you and converts it into real money. Yes, you read that right. The money gets credited to your bank accounts, so make videos and earn money. Ditch the age-old TikTok and try this out.

LIKEE– Magic Video Maker & Community

Best TikTok Alternatives

Like is a great community to find users of similar interests and similar taste in music. This app features an enormous collection of dialogue materials. The inbuilt music filter detects if the music video changes its tone and intonation and applies filters automatically.

You can even put your video in slow motion or fast forward it. This TikTok alternative allows you to crop, trim and merge several videos into one. The app also allows you to post your videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more.


Best TikTok Alternatives

Record your videos and don’t hustle to edit them as the auto-editing algorithm will do the rest for you. Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kevin Hart too use this app to edit their social media videos. The app is convenient to use and ideal for editing noobs as it makes the process less cumbersome.

Express your talents through a varied option of 50 different filters, video drawings and trimming and cutting the videos. The app’s collab feature allows you to make videos with your friends. Note that this is not a networking application that allows users to edit their videos and not start a community.

However, the app allows you to share your videos to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Best TikTok Alternatives

Earn rewards and millions of fans from all over the world. With KWAI, you can edit your videos, add texts, animated filters, stickers and even 4D motion effects. The basic video editing features allow you to trim, crop, cut and merge videos.

Lip sync to your favourite movie line, groove on music videos and be extremely dramatic. The feed can be personalized according to your likings from comedy and pranks, syncs and dubs, fashion and beauty, dinging, dancing, magic and much more. The app also hosts special events, dance battles and challenges.

The special story feature of KWAI, beats the 24 hour limit of Instagram and Facebook and stays for 48 hours. Just like other apps, you can create a community following as per your music taste. This app is available in both Android as well as iOS.


Best TikTok Alternatives

Another video alternative for TikTok with an array of editing options to trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips and more. Lip sync, dance to your favourite music clips. . You can go through your personalized video feed to go through latest dancing craze to unique talents shared by musicians, artists, comedians, athletes, singers and more.

Participate in video challenges and win cash prizes. Hop into the bandwagon and recreate the viral trends in your own unique style. The unique thing about this app is that prioritizes quality rather than the number of followers you have. So get your video promoted by making it unique. Collab with your friends and create content.


Best TikTok Alternatives

This app is way too different than Tiktok and you can make any type of video through this application. Slow-motion videos, video compilation and access to innumerable songs trough the app’s digital video library. The options in the video library make it an ideal switch for all TikTok users.

The app is quite perfect for creating viral videos. Funtime also allows you to merge two clips in one. However, in order to avail these advanced options, you have o make a minimal purchase.

Dubsmash: Pioneer In Short Video Making

Best TikTok Alternatives

Dubsmash is one of the oldest music video apps and was launched even before TikTok. Dubsmash can an appropriate replacement for TikTok (previously named as The app has around 100 million downloads and a networking community which revolves around lip-syncing to the videos. There’s always something fresh and new here for viewers to watch and creators to create.

The app’s features allow you to use stickers, add text overlays to the videos. This app is somewhere similar to Snapchat feature that provides two different sections- one for viewing content from your friends and the other catering the viral videos and latest trends. This app permits its users to share their videos on other social media platforms as well as allows you to save it to your camera roll. It is quite a popular TikTok alternative.

Smule – The social singing app

Best TikTok Alternatives

If you enjoy making your own music, this app is totally for you! Make your music and Sing duets with your favourite singers. The audio effects and video filters can give your song an edge while you sing your favourite karaoke songs. Jam with your friends, family and singers. There’s much more to this app, download to explore more.

InShot – Video Editor and video maker

Best TikTok Alternatives

InShot is one of the premier video maker and HD pro video editors with music that allows you to make cool videos with ease. Trim, cut, coil and split the videos into multiple slips as per your choice just like other Indian apps such as TikTok, KineMaster and so on. Insert free music by using amazing video effects and filters. You can easily export the videos without compromising on the quality and share it to Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter and Messenger with just one click. This TikTok alternative has all of the fun and none of the ban.

VMate – Video players and editors

Best TikTok Alternatives

VMate is a short video editor and video sharing community that features millions of users worldwide. This free application is available in 11 different languages. You can make quirky videos, attract more music fans, pick interesting content and make friends too. You know the best part about this app is it allows you the access of 300+ emoji stickers and face filters.

Apart from this, you can also get reviews about the latest movies, nearby shops, food, clothes, life hacks and whatnot. Powered by the world’s leading intelligent recommendation technology, video recommendations are personalized to ensure that they all match your interests. Download now!

Mitron TV – Indian Tiktok App

Best TikTok Alternatives

This is yet another app made in India. However, the company faced some allegations that it was made in Pakistan, but it denied the claims. Check out the features of this app, trust us you will be astonished. It is quite a good alternative if you are missing TikTok.

These are 14 video apps that can be used as alternative to TikTok as the Indian Government has banned TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps in India. For more Tech guides ,check out How To Remove YouTube Shorts Permanently?