A One Piece Game: How To Get Gear 2

Here is how to obtain Gear 2 in AOPG.

AOPG Roblox is a popular adventure action game based on the well-known series One Piece. It is an RPG with various avatars and forms. And even has Gomu Gomu no Mi Gear transformation techniques. If you are Nakama, you might know of this Luffy’s form, and want to get your hands on them. If you are, then check out this guide to find out how to get Gear 2 in A One Piece Game.

How to Get Gear Second in A One Piece Game

Get Gear 2 In AOPG

In the original series, this transformation stage first occurred in Luffy and Blueno’s fight. This Gomu Gomu no Mi increases the user’s speed but is tiring. The technique works by increasing blood flow in the body parts and supplies oxygen and nutrients to maintain it. The game uses the same logic and provides this Gear form. Here this Gear is obtained by defeating Luffy, but you will need Rubber Fruit to win this Gear as a drop. Read along for more details.

How to Get Rubber Fruit

Rubber Fruit like many other fruits can be obtained from trees and has a decent swapping rate. But it might be hard to find them, as they are a must for the coming process. So you can also purchase them from a Merchant. A Merchant NPC sells in Logue Town, which is near Ice Island. He stands in front of a yellow-cover shop. Now the last and least probability method is Chest. The chances of getting Rubber Fruit from this method are extremely low.

Steps to Get Gear 2 in AOPG

  • Open your game, choose Inventory, drag, and place Island Tracker on one of the bottom circles.
  • Now tap on Island Tracker and choose “Luffy’s Island“. Follow it to reach your destination or look around Logue Town.
  • Once you reach your destination, go to the harbor and Set Spawn. In case you got defeated, you wouldn’t have to repeat the journey.
  • Look for Luffy. He is facing a Windmill. Now attack and defeat him. There is about a 1 to 5 percent chance of Gear Second drop, so keep repeating till you obtain one.

This is all you need to do to get Gear 2 in A One Piece Game. If you are looking for more AOPG guides. Then check out how to reset fruit and obtain swords.