Roblox Royale High: High End Designer Fashion Explained

There are a number of different themes in the Royale Universe Pageant.

Roblox Royale High is a fantasy roleplaying and dress-up game on Roblox. One term that players might have encountered during their time in Royale High is High End Designer Fashion. So, what does this term mean in Royale High? Let us find out.

What Does High End Designer Fashion Mean In Royale High?


High End Fashion Royale High

Sunset Island is one of the realms of Royale High where players can participate in the Royale Universe Pageant. This is basically a contest where players have to dress up according to the theme provided and the most voted player wins the pageant. Winners get a lot of diamonds and XP as a reward.

There are a number of different themes in the Royale Universe Pageant. High End Designer Fashion is just one of these many themes. When this theme is selected, players have to dress in designer fashion brands. Players can come up with looks that they think reflect High End Designer Fashion. Every player’s interpretation can be a bit different and that is all part of the fun.


However, expensive looking clothes do seem to be a part of the requirement for this theme. As players can guess by the name, they will have to replicate looks by high end brands or let their own creativity run wild. While there are a lot of theories about how to win in a Royale Universe Pageant, there actually is no way to guarantee a win. Since the winner is decided by player vote, the best outfit does not even matter at times. It can often be a popularity/ sympathy contest rather than actually focusing on the outfits. That being said, some players suggest that opting for textures like the Luis Vuitton does tilt the votes in a player’s favor. Players can apply these textures to their dresses, skirts, tops, or footwears.

So, in the end, the contest is all about a player’s creativity and a dash of luck. We hope you have fun coming up with your next High End Designer Fashion creation. In the meanwhile, check out How To Get Free Diamonds In Royale High? to get more cool stuff in the game.