Pokemon Unite: Best Starter Pokemons

Here is the complete list of all starter pokemon in Pokemon Unite Mobile. Let's see which is the best starter pokemon in Pokemon Unite Mobile

With the release of Pokemon Unite Mobile, the hype around the game is going off the charts. Unite is a 5v5 online multiplayer which is new for Pokemon fans. Since its release on Nintendo, the game has been popular, and now mobile players have also joined the hoard. Here’s a list of all the starter pokemon in Pokemon unite which will help you decide the best starter pokemon.

Best Starter Pokemon In Pokemon Unite

Here is everything about the five starter pokemon to help you decide which is the best starter pokemon in Pokemon unite.


Pokemon fans know how big Snorlax is and how much damage it can take, and it is the same in Pokemon Unite. Snorlax can take in a lot of damage and act as a roadblock for the other team. Apart from this, Snorlax also dishes out good damage. Snorlax is the best choice for experienced players because he can block the whole enemy team when used at the best time.


Pikachu is a classic high-damage starter Pokemon that can deal insane damage that too from a distance. Apart from that, Pikachu is very easy to use, so it is the best choice for new players in Pokemon Unite. Don’t forget the use its thunderbolt attack at the right time.


Players looking for a healer pokemon should go for Eldegoss. Eldegoss is the supporter of the team that heals them, gives them buffs, increases their damage, and takes a lot of damage. Eldegoss is essential for the team but shouldn’t be the top choice for a starter as you need a frontline before that.


Talonflame is the quickest of all Pokemon in the game and can damage multiple enemies in very little time. While it can deal high damage in no time, the biggest drawback is the difficulty in using it. Making the most of Talonflame requires some expertise and practice, so players should refrain from choosing it as a starter if they are new to the game.


Unlike the franchise here, Charizard isn’t as destructive as you would expect. Even though Charizard’s damage is low in the initial stages of the game, it becomes one of the strongest Pokemon in the later stages of Pokemon Unite. Besides, Charizard is also a bit difficult to use, so we would recommend only experienced players to choose it as a starter.

This was everything about all the five starter pokemon’s in Pokemon Unite. We would recommend players go through the list before choosing their starter pokemon.

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