How To Catch Shiny Piplup in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Here's how you can Catch Shiny Piplup in Pokemon Legends Arceus easily.

Can’t wait to catch Shiny Piplup in Pokemon Legends Arceus? But don’t know how to get it? Don’t worry we have your back. Catching a Shiny Piplup is comparatively way more difficult than getting any other Shiny Pokemon in the game. However, we’ve come up with a method that’ll surely help you catch it. So without any further ado let’s start hunting it.

How to Find & Get Shiny Piplup in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

How To Catch Shiny Piplup Pokemon Legends Arceus
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Go through the method to find & get Shiny Piplup in Legends Arceus easily.

  • Players can catch Shiny Piplup and other Shiny Pokemon during the Massive Outbreaks event easily. This event basically makes it easier for you to find and capture them. If the event has already ended, then we recommend you to wait for the next Outbreak event.

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  • If the event is still live then you’re in luck, so don’t waste time and try to catch them now. That’s because you never know when the storm will end. However the struggle doesn’t end here, the chances are still pretty low to catch a Shiny Piplup. But you can always head to the Cobalt Coastlands and look for them near the water. That’s because Piplup’s are water-starter Pokemon and you might also get the Shiny one over there.
  • After reaching there you’ll see several Piplup’s roaming around. Until the shiny one appears try to catch the rest of them. And as soon as you spot the one you were looking for Save the game right away. It’ll eventually give you the second chance to capture it if you failed in the first one.

This is how you can find & catch a Shiny Piplup in Pokemon Legends Arceus easily. If you want to know how to get Shiny Rotom in the game, then go ahead and find it out.