How to Clean Pokemon Trading Cards Without Damaging Them (2022)

Wondering how to clean your Pokemon Cards without damaging them? Here's what you should do and what you should avoid.

It takes a lot of time to collect Pokemon cards and you want to keep them intact and in almost-perfect condition with no spots. They are valuable collectibles after all. Now that you’re here, you don’t have to worry about keeping your cards in good shape anymore. This is a guide on how to clean your Pokemon cards without damaging them.

How to Clean your Pokemon Cards without Damaging Them

You will need quite a few items to process the cleaning correctly. The things that you would need are cotton ear buds, soft cloth, a tad water and the most important item – your Pokemon cards.

For soft cloth, you can use a fibre cloth or the cloth that is used to clean glasses, phone screens and tablets. Using a soft cloth will protect the texture of your cards. Make sure you don’t use any harsh cloth or any kind of chemicals for it could make things worse. Once you take the cloth, dip it into the water slightly. Only a few drops of water will do the trick. If your cloth is too wet, it could leave excess water on the surface of the card. Then you have rub the black spots, which develop on the cards eventually, gently.

There are some black specs which don’t come off easily, in such cases try to clean those spots by moving the cloth clockwise and anti-clockwise to rub it properly without creasing the cards. Once you’re done, make sure to dry the card.

how to clean pokemon cards

Now to clean the dust and dirt appearing on the edges and sides of the Pokemon cards you can use the cotton ear bud. Ensure using a fresh cotton buds which don’t have fibres hanging from the tips. It would obstruct you from cleaning the card properly. Dip only one end of the cotton bud into the water slightly and keep the other end dry.

Now, swipe on the edges of the card with the wet tip end of the bud. The best way to do it is by rotating the tip while swiping on the edge.

For the corners, use the wet tip eliminate the dirt. You have to do this with soft hands to ensure you don’t warp the card on the corners while cleaning it. Once you’re done with cleaning the card, take the dry end of the cotton bud and retrace the path you cleaned with the wet end to clean any dust left behind.

Also, take all the time in world to do this process at regular intervals. Hopefully, this guide will prove useful for you to clean your Pokemon cards. For more related to Pokemon games, check out our articles on Games Adda.