How To Not Get Banned In Pokemon GO

There are a number of reasons that accounts get banned in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is a fun and interactive game where players can catch Pokemon by exploring their surroundings. Players can then evolve and battle these Pokemon. However, the fun of the game can be diminished when some players violate the Pokemon Go Terms of Service and the Trainer Guidelines. Doing so can lead to an account suspension or even a permanent ban. If you want to know how to not get banned in Pokemon Go, this article is for you.

How To Avoid Getting Banned In Pokemon Go?


There are a number of reasons that Niantic ban an account in Pokemon Go. It is important to understand these reasons to avoid indulging in any such activity. We have listed all the possible causes for a ban below and how to avoid them.


Niantic bans any players promoting or engaging in harassment against any individual or group. So ensure that you are polite, helpful, and supportive towards other members of the community while playing Pokemon Go.

Location Spoofing

Niantic is pretty strict on players that try to alter their location using location spoofing apps. So, you should ensure that the location reflected in the game is your actual location. If Niantic discovers that you are trying to trick the game to get Pokemon not found in your area, your account may be suspended. You may even face an account ban for repeated penalties.


If you use emulators, modified or unofficial software, you risk getting banned in Pokemon Go. Since Emulators give an unfair advantage to players, they are not allowed in the game.

Third-Party Software

Accessing Pokemon Go clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software or add-ons can also get your account banned. Avoid using them if you do not want to endanger your account.

If you have not indulged in any of the above activities and your account has still been suspended or banned, you can appeal the termination through the Pokemon Go Help Center.

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