What Level Does Magikarp Evolve in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Want to Evolve Magikarp in Pokemon Legends Arceus? Read this guide and know how to do so.

If you want to Evolve Magikarp in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you will need to catch it in the first place. Being a Water Type Pokemon, there’s only one place where you can encounter a Magikarp in the game. That one place is water bodies. In order to get Magikarp and evolve it in the game, read through this guide.

How to Evolve Magikarp in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Magikarp evolves at Level 20 in Pokemon Legends Arceus. So, after catching it, you have to train it to Level 20 before it can evolve in Gyarados. To train Magikarp, you have to add it to the party so that it can gain Exp. Try not to use it in battles or tournaments because your attempt to win will be futile. As mentioned earlier, you have to scour the places with water around them to catch Magikarp. In Pokemon Legends Arceus, there are two such places where you can get Magikarp. It is easy to grab Magikarp in this game, provided you pay attention.

Magikarp in Pokemon Legends Arceus

You have to travel to Obsidian Fieldlands or Coronet Islands to find Magikarp. But, there is one thing you need to know while catching the water Pokemon, which is you can’t get into the water in this game. If you try, you will be in the water for a few moments before being placed back at the point from where you got into the water. So, you need to have patience in order to catch Magikarp. Near the Obsidian Fieldlands, you have to wait for Magikarp to surface on the water. The moment you spot it in the water, don’t start throwing your Pokeballs just yet. Wait and keep an eye on it, let it come closer to your vantage point. If you feel that it is within reach, target your Pokeball in its direction and you will have caught Magikarp.

If you don’t want to wait around for the Magikarp to reach Level 20, you can catch Alpha Magikarp which can be obtained at Level 55. You can evolve it easily as it is already way above its upgrade level. Alternatively, you can catch a Gyarados directly around the same location. It can be either spotted flying or swimming near the Obsidian Fieldlands.

Now you know how to Evolve Magikarp in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Hopefully, this article was fruitful for you. While you are here, you can go ahead and check out how to get Shiny Rotom in Pokemon Legends Arceus and Scizor Guide in Pokemon Legends Arceus.