Zettaflare Final Fantasy – Most Powerful Move In Kingdom Hearts 3

Learn more about Zettaflare in the Final Fantasy universe.

The Zettaflare is ranked quite high in Final Fantasy lore. It is one of the most powerful moves that only one NPC can perform in the game. However, the internet was quick to point out certain facts about this move and its subsequent usage. While it is a powerful move, enough to defeat the toughest enemies, it has become a meme of sorts in the FF universe. Want to know why? Scroll down and find out.

Final Fantasy Zettaflare Skill Move explained

Zettaflare Final Fantasy - Most Powerful Move In Kingdom Hearts 3

The Zettaflare is a move that was performed by Donald Duck. Donald used this skill in order to beat Terra-Xehanort. It happens in a cutscene where Terra-Xehanort is about to attack Sora. Donald steps in and uses this move to beat Terra-Xehanort. However, this move is very draining and Donald ends up falling to the ground. Luckily, Terra-Xehanort has been banished and blown away. And, this is the point where the memes begin.

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise cannot get over the fact that Donald Duck performs the Zettaflare. This is because the Zettafalme cannot be performed by any other character. And this includes every single character across the FF universe. The Zettaflare is said to be one quadrillion times stronger than Megaflare. Not even Bahamut can perform this move. Flare moves can be performed by bosses only, so it is pretty weird to see a bottomless duck use it to banish one of the strongest enemies the game has ever seen.

All of this has caused fans to make a ton of memes at the cost of poor Donald. There are comparisons to Goku and Superman too. Hilarious content indeed.

This is everything that you need to know about the Zettaflare in Final Fantasy. Now that you are here, make sure to have a look at our Final Fantasy Guides to learn more about the game.