Valheim Obliterator Guide: How To Craft And Use Obliterator?

Want to destroy things in a fancy way in Valheim? Then here is a guide to craft obliterator and get it done!

Obliterator is a fancy trash can that has just been added to Valheim: Hearth And Home update. Every player has to craft it in the game in order to use it. It is very easy to craft an obliterator in the game. You just have to follow a few simple steps to get an obliterator. Here is a stepwise guide to help you craft the obliterator in Valheim.

How to Craft Obliterator And Use It In Valheim?

Want to dump or destroy unwanted things in Valheim in a fancy way with a lightning strike? Then you must give a try on obliterator in Valheim. Follow the below-written steps to craft and use obliterator:

1) Launch Valheim: Hearth And Home on your device.

2) Head to the map and look for a Trader on the map. The location of the trader is usually a little far from your base. Visit Trader to buy all the necessary stuff which you need to craft an obliterator.

Valheim Obliterator: How To Craft And Use?

3) This is a list of crafting materials that you need to buy from a trader.

  • Thunder Stone x1- Buy thunderstone for 50 Coins from the trader. You can get coins from burial chambers, chests, and crypts.

Valheim Obliterator: How To Craft And Use?

  • Iron x8-  You can obtain iron from crypts in the Swamp biome.
  • Copper x4- Copper is found in the Black Forest.
  • A forge

4) Once you gather all the necessary stuff, head to the crafting menu from the menu option on the screen.

5) Click on the obliterator in the crafting menu and it’s unlocked!

Valheim Obliterator: How To Craft And Use?

How To Destroy Things Using an Obliterator?

1) Find an inventory-like thing when you open the obliterator in Valheim. Drag and drop to dump unnecessary things here in this.

Valheim Obliterator: How To Craft And Use?

2) Once your obliterator is loaded then press E to pull liver and destroy things.

3) Move away from the obliterator and you will see a lightning strike and the item will be destroyed with a message flashing on your screen that says “Items obliterated!”

Valheim Obliterator: How To Craft And Use?

This is everything you need to know about the obliterator in Vailheim: Hearth and Home. Check out another article to know all onion locations in Valheim.