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State Of Survival: How To Use Plasma Core?

Plasma Core is a very useful resource in State of Survival.

State of Survival is a zombie apocalypse survival game. To survive in this game, you have to prepare soldiers to fight against threats while also maintaining resources and building a strong base. You will need a lot of different resources to build and upgrade your base regularly. Plasma Core is one of the most valuable resources in State Of Survival. Find out how to use this item below.

How To Use Plasma Core In State Of Survival?


Plasma Core is a very useful resource in the game. It is a special resource that you will need to perform plasma upgrades. You can use it to upgrade your Headquarters, Hero Precinct, Barracks, Garage, Range, Hospital, and Training Camps beyond Level 30 to Plasma Levels. As you rise through the Plasma Levels, the amount of Plasma Cores needed for the upgrade also increases. The last plasma levels of each building require you to use a massive amount of cores to build them.

Plasma Cores come into play a bit later in the game when most of your buildings are either at level 30 or near it. This is when you would need the Plasma Cores to move to the next stage of the game. Moreover, these resources can also be used to research Plasma Technology and upgrade the Institute of Plasma to get better stats and unlock Tier XI troops. States can unlock Plasma Cores upon completion of Reformation state intel.

There are multiple ways to obtain the Plasma Core in State of Survival. You can get them through Infected Intels, Purification Center, Plasma Lab, Daily Mission reward crates, Plasma Leakage, Events, and Bundles. You should keep an eye out for Events or Bundles that offer Plasma Cores. Since this resource is so important in the game, you will need to farm it consistently in the game.

This is all about the Plasma Core in State of Survival. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more gaming guides, check out Marvel Contest OF Champions: How To Sell Champions?