The Sims 4 Challenges: 10 Best and Fun Challenges to Play in “The Sims 4”!

Here are the top 10 interesting The Sims 4 challenges to let you spice things up:

Sims players have been coming up with exciting fan-made challenges since its inception in 2001. instead of simply creating a sim, you can follow a set of rules and objectives to try to reach a particular outcome. These are the top 10 interesting The Sims 4 challenges to let you spice things up:

Top 10 Best  The Sims 4 Challenges

1. The Legacy Challenge

Sims 4 Challenges

The Legacy Challenge stands to be one of the oldest and most classic of Sims challenges. The basic rules are really easy going.:

  • Simply create a Sim of your choice, and shift them onto the biggest empty lot. Make sure they must start in poverty. The “founder” has to build their house and wealth and then procreate to make a second generation.
  • You play on in the single-family for 10 generations.
  • There are various challenges associated with each generation and different flavours you can add to the challenge.
  • The legacy challenge is extremely exciting for a few reasons: you get to play through one bloodline for so many generations and it’s got a rags-to-riches story to it.

2. History Challenge

Sims 4 Challenges

Created by user Cloudseeker on The Sims 4 forums, this Sims 4 challenge is designed to start in the “prehistoric” age and takes you and your Sims through a journey various time periods, ending in the Modern era.

  • Create two Sims (your Ancestors) and insert them in an empty world  They will start off as your prehistoric Sims.
  • Prehistoric era Sims can’t have any jobs but can sell several other valuables. Sims can’t reside in a “house”; they must live in a tent or on the land like nomads and can only eat food that they’ve caught or grown.
  • Complete the goals in the Prehistoric era to move on further.
  • Move on to Early Civilization, where your Sims can now build a house in the Roman Empire or Ancient Egyptian style!
  • Progress through each era- Prehistoric, Early Civ, Middle Ages, The Old West, The Industrial Age, The Roaring Twenties, and the Modern Day- by accomplishing goals and unlocking new game challenges!

3. The Decade Challenge

Sims 4 Challenges

To avoid confusion, the Decades Challenge is not identical to the History Challenge though, because instead of going through various eras, it revolves more around on American lifestyle between 1890 to the present time.

  • Sims can only marry within their own ethnicity, can only marry the opposite gender, can’t use electricity, indoor plumbing, can only “try for baby”, and all furniture must be wooden, among other things.
  • By 1900s, Sims can have electricity and indoor plumbing, but only men are allowed to get jobs outside the home.
  • In 1910, male Sims should treat it as a mandate to go to “war”, which is just feeding the cowplant and rolling dice to see whether or not they survive!
  • Women can finally go off to work in the 1920s, but by the 1930s, anyone in a career must lose their job (the Great Depression).

4. 100 baby challenge

Sims 4 Challenges

Here, instead of a historic challenge, we possess this extremely fun and classic, 100 Baby Challenge.

  • Give birth to 100 babies in as few generations as possible!
  • Once you have a baby with a Sim, you cannot have a baby with that same Sim again. Promiscuity is highly encouraged.
  • Cheating isn’t allowed at all, but you can age up babies immediately.
  • You must give birth to a girl to continue the legacy. The youngest girl born to the founder continues the legacy when the founder becomes aged and cannot give birth. No girl implies, you lose!

5. Black Widow Challenge

Sims 4 Challenges

The Black Widow challenge is another scandalous nature. the main challenge lies getting married to male Sims, kill them, and inherit their money!

  • Start with a Young Adult female Sim. She must be materialistic, snob and possess romantic traits and should have the Serial Romantic aspiration. She also is not allowed to work- all the money she has must be inherited from partners.
  • Meet a Sim and get hitched to him.
    Host a dinner party to flaunt your new partner, and while you’re there, find a potential romantic interest.
  • Cheat on the husband with the new romantic interest, invite him over and get caught cheating.
    Find a way to kill the husband and then marry the new romantic interest!

6. Homeless Challenge

Sims 4 Challenges

For this  kind of challenge, you must:

  • Make a single Sim- they can be male or female and have whatever features you’d like. Buy and move them onto an empty lot. Using cheats, remove all their money.
  • Your Sim can’t go to work but can obtain cash by collecting, fishing, gardening, rummaging through trash, begging other Sims for money, writing books, playing instruments, painting, or any other hobbies.
  • In the beginning, they’ll have to use public toilets and sleep on park benches until you make it to that part of the challenge which allows them to start building a home.
  • While making you way through the challenge, there are mini-challenges, like the “building permit” mini-challenge- you deduct $500 simoleons from your Sim’s money and then they can start building on their lot.
  • The game “ends” when you have $5000 saved and have made a basic house for yourself.

7. Asylum challenge

Sims 4 Challenges

The Sims 4 Asylum Challenge is all about managing Sims with the insane trait.

  • Make a household with 8 Sims. All Sims must carry insane traits. You must randomize their other traits and aspirations.
  • You can pick one Sim to impose control throughout the challenge.
  • The goal is to have your controlled Sim complete their aspiration and they can then leave the asylum.
  • No cheats are allowed, and to add variety, you can make the house only have 5 beds, 6 seats, just one bathroom, and the cheapest electronics.

8. Apocalypse challenge

Sims 4 Challenges

The Apocalypse Challenge, however, allows you to use your imagination and pretend that you’re living in a post-war world!

  • Create a sim and a shelter. The shelter is a single room which can only possess the basic necessities: cheapest bed (the prison cots from Getting to Work or the camping beds from Outdoor Retreat would be great), toilet, and kitchen appliances (stove, fridge, counter).
  • Your Sim cannot leave the lot.
  • If your Sims die of anything other than old age- you lose.

9. Disney Princess Challenge

Sims 4 Challenges

Everyone loves Disney-related things, and this popular challenge truly captures the essence of it. The challenge was created by Playingwithmah over on the Sims forums and is available for both The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. In The Sims 4, you must:

  • Start off as Snow White. Create Snow White and she must have 7 children (dwarfs) in the game. Each child has to have a bad trait, and all children must possess the same father.
  • She will have to clean the house and cook every day. She can’t marry until the mother dies!
  • You continue on with several other Disney Princess through each generation- everyone from Tiana to Rapunzel, to Belle.

10. Build-A-City Challenge

Sims 4 Challenges

The Build-A-City Challenge is a somewhat-complicated challenge which includes traditional legacy-style gameplay elements with building/creating a city of your own in the game.

  • You begin with a certain amount of Sims/lots by using a randomizer at the start of the game.
  • As your progress through the goals, you can unlock more lots, options, careers, CAS, Sims, etc.
    The challenge gives you global control of the world you’re playing in- control all the households to reach your goals!
  • You win the challenge when you reach 50,000 points!

Have you ever played a challenge in The Sims 4 yet? Which one is your favourite The Sims 4 challenge? Do let us know in the comment section below.