PUBG Mobile Lite BC Purchase Method Guide For 2022

This article will explain how to purchase PUBG Mobile Lite BC in a safe and secured manner.

When we speak about the best video games, PUBG Mobile immediately resurfaces in our minds, so imagine how prominent this influential royal title is already. Millions of players around the world are PUBG frenzy and all credit belongs to its intense gaming mechanics, powerful features, and interactive graphic layouts.

Along with the original version, developers have released a lighter version of the popular shooter title called PUBG Mobile Lite that takes up substantially less storage space on your device and is also compliant with low-end devices.

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So far the creators have done an outstanding job by keeping the players glued to the game by offering engaging in-game elements such as season battle pass, skins, costumes, guns, distinct crates, and much more. These fun gaming items however can be obtained using in-game currency Battle Coins (BC). These coins can be purchased in two different ways which are discussed thoroughly in the article.

PUBG Mobile Lite BC Purchase Guide

The importance of the Battle Coins in PUBG is to purchase the gaming items and winner pass. If you are lost about how to purchase the PUBG Mobile Lite BC then this article will just show you the legit and most reliable ways.

There are two ways to purchase PUBG Mobile Lite BC:

Google Play Store

The only default in-game means to purchase BC is Google Play Store. You will be provided with various choices available in multiple categories like for 90 BC coins you will be asked to pay INR 85, for 285 BC pay INR 240, and so forth.


This is the most famous 3rd party website specially developed to purchase PUBG Lite Mobile BC from. It offers multiple bonuses as well as entails multiple payment modes. Simply fill in the credentials like game id, choose a payment method, BC quantity you desire to buy. Once the payment gets processed your in-game account will get credited with the BC. The payment modes available with Midasbuy are listed below:

1. UPI
For quick and hassle-free payment UPI is your best bet. You can purchase 30 BC for INR 40, 96 BC for INR 79, 320 BC for INR 249.

2. Net Banking
This is the most common as well as a secured way payment method for obtaining BC in PUBG. Several players prefer this mode for purchasing in-game currency.

3. Razor Gold
It is a sort of wallet designed to purchase in-game currencies for over 2500 games.

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Amongst the 3 payment methods mentioned above, UPI and Net Banking are also available with Google Play Store. Ensure you make purchases only from the trusted and credible sites otherwise, you may encounter serious financial consequences.

That’s how you can purchase PUBG Mobile BC conveniently.