How To Play Marvel Future Revolution With Friends (Multiplayer Guide)

Let's see how to add friends, send game / party invites and accept invites in Marvel Future Revolution and get friendship tokens for free

Marvel Future Revolution is the first open-world RPG and this time you get to play the game in multiplayer and co-op mode as well. Future revolution has 5 different modes and all of them have either multiplayer or co-op options. Let’s see how to play all the modes of Marvel Future Revolution with friends.

How To Add Friends In Marvel Future Revolution?


At the start of the game, you will have to go through a tutorial where you get to try all 8 playable heroes. Once the tutorial is over follow the below-mentioned steps to add friends in Marvel Future Revolution.

  • Pause the game and you will see the “friends” option on the bottom left of your screen.
  • Click on the friends options and you will get an option to “find friends”
  • Put the username or code of your friends and click on their profile to add them.

Once you have added them and finished the first story mode mission you will be eligible to enter other game modes. Dimension Duel and Omega War are multiplayer 10v10 and 1v1 modes, start the game, create a game and send a party invite to play these modes with your friends. You can also accept an invite to join a game created by your friends


How To Send Party / Game Invites In Marvel Future Revolution

Blitz, Special Operations, and Raid mode in Marvel Future Revolution are co-op modes. When you start the game just create a party and send the invite to your friends and they will join. You can also accept an invite to join a game created by your friends.

Players should know that you will have to add your friends to be able to send them invites for games. Apart from that, your friends should be in the same region and the same server as you. In case they are in different regions or servers you won’t be able to find them or add them.


Does Marvel Future Revolution Supports Cross Platform

Marvel Future Revolution supports cross-platform multiplayer as Android and iOS users can match and play with each other. All you have to do is be in the same region and same server and you and your friends can match with each other or accept each other’s invites no matter which platform you use.

Conditions For Adding Friends In Marvel Future Revolution


Adding friends is an important feature of Marvel Future Revolution as friends can exchange friendship tokens every day. You can use the friendship tokens to buy gear and other items from the store, which is why we would recommend you add more friends and exchange tokens every day.

That’s all for this one, do check out our article to know how to fix Marvel future revolution unable to connect to a server error.


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