Where To Find & Get Maglev Stalker In Tower Of Fantasy

Want to get Maglev Stalker in Tower Of Fantasy? Check this guide out.

The Tower Of Fantasy map is considerably big and if you’re choosing to walk to cover the distance, you may have to spend a lot of time. Hence, you will need mounts to travel from one point to the other while playing the game. These mounts need to be forged and hence all of them need several ingredients to build it. One of these ingredients is Maglev Stalker in Tower Of Fantasy.

Maglev Stalker, along with Magnetic Rod, can be used to forge the Chaser Mount. Well, in this guide, we will be discussing the Maglev Stalker. Read along further to learn more about it.

How to Collect Maglev Stalker in Tower Of Fantasy?

Maglev Stalker in Tower Of Fantasy

Maglev Stalker in Tower Of Fantasy is a rare item and is a tad difficult to get. In order to obtain the item, you will have to fight and defeat the Vermin brothers. There are 4 Vermin Brothers out of which 1 can be found in the Astra region and the other 3 brothers can be found in the Banges region.

Each of the brothers holds a possibility of dropping the weapon once they are killed. But don’t get your hopes up because you need to be really lucky to get this item because there is quite a slim chance to obtain it. Read along further with the guide to know how to defeat the Vermin Brothers.

How to Kill Vermin Brothers in ToF?

In order to kill Vermin Brothers, you must be very quick and accurate. Because you have to attack it and then back off at a safer distance to avoid getting hit. You have to dodge it and make your move accordingly. If you defeat one of the brothers in the Astra region, you have a chance to build the Chaser Mount at an early stage in the game. Also, the one in Astra is comparatively easier to beat than the other three brothers.

Although, if you did not get the Maglev Stalker in Tower Of Fantasy after beating the Vermin Brothers, you can always come back again. After the battle, you can check in the inventory to confirm if you have got one or not. Once you have collected the item after emerging victorious against the Vermin Brothers, you can forge the Chaser Mount.

This is all you need to know about the Maglev Stalker in Tower Of Fantasy. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar guides such as Where to find Portunids in Tower of Fantasy and how to solve Lava pit puzzles?