Kritika Reboot All Classes & Their Advancements (2022)

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It’s a whole different experience to go on an adventure in a dramatic anime brawler established in a fantasy world. There’s nothing to despise about the game; top-notch gameplay, creative weapons, mega bosses, and so on can tempt anybody to give it a shot. As a result, whether you are a fresh or seasoned player, this article is designed to provide a thorough understanding of each class in the game. Let’s move over to all the classes in Kritika Reboot.

Kritika Reboot Classes – 2022

With the deep class information provided below, you will be able to develop or change an appropriate strategy. All of the classes are described with their suitable and accessible upgrades.

Note: Given the current game meta, I consider only five classes to be the best, so you might not find all of them listed here.

1. Warrior

The warrior breed is fearless, destructive, and dominant. He is a fearless close-range fighter and a front-line leader who can easily crush enemies. This sword-wielding warrior inflicts significant damage on the enemy.



  • Fire Load
  • Doom Blade
  • Berserker

2. Rogue

This strange girl grew up in a village run by timid monks, but she is far from shy. The daring Rogue wields the sword and fights in a cat-like fashion. She slashes slices, scratches, and stuns her enemies. She is the brilliant optimist, winning at back attacks, deception, and total magical chaos.


  • Assassin
  • Catspaw
  • Wolf Guardian

3. Eclair

She is yet another frightening class whose parents were murdered in a wizard hunt. Eclair injures and kills her opponents with a variety of psychic knives. Any time she uses one of her basic military tactics, she produces more of these weapons, and the more she collects, the stronger she becomes. She is best one of the Kritika Reboot classes to employ in the game.


She has no advancements, but at level 35, she prefers one of the three weapon masteries to change her base stats.

  • Rifle Mastery – To increase attack speed.
  • Mini-Cannon Mastery – To increase the crit rate.
  • Pistol Mastery – To increase crit damage.

4. Noblia

Noblia is a professional spellcaster from another realm, with recourse to vast portions of strength and ghostly tools. She exercises her trickster abilities to terrible impacts on the frontline, using targets such as staves, wands, and hammers.


  • Creator
  • Elemental Fairy
  • Halo Mage

5. Monk

The Monk, a student of ancient Eastern martial arts, delivers brutal kicks and punches. When ghostly powers hit his temple, he was struck by lethal violent energy, which he now bears under his left eye. He seeks out proof of dirty survival and travels to the Cyrenus continent to cure his wounds.


  • Star Monk
  • Void Monk
  • Steamwalker

And that’s what you need to know about the Kritika Reboot classes. Did you find the guide to be helpful? Then you’ll like the other game guides, tier lists, updates, and so on available here.