What Does KEKW Means & Why It Became So Popular In 2022?

As a Twitch user, you've probably heard the word KEKW and wondered what’s the meaning of this emote and where it came from. Then keep reading this article till end.

Like any other Twitch user, you must have come across the word KEKW at some point, as it is the most familiar emote overall. Learn about KEKW meaning, its origin as well as connection with the Spanish comedian-actor, World Of Warcraft, and meme culture.

About KEKW


KEKW has become one of the most widely used emotes in Twitch chat thanks to the Spanish comedian-actor Juan Joya Borja, whose YouTube video will make you laugh even though you don’t understand a single thing he utters unless you speak Spanish. His facial expression and speaking style are so contagious that you won’t need to understand what he says. Because of this iconic video of Juan laughing and mixed with the World Of Warcraft phrase, KEKW originated.

KEKW Meaning Explained


KEKW simply means laughter.  Although KEK in KEKW is essentially a Korean, North American, and North European version of LOL: Laugh Out Louder, W in KEKW is a suffix used by Twitch emotes to communicate intense facial expressions.

KEKW Popularity

Around August 2019, renowned Twitch streamers such as AdmiralBulldog and xQc started using the KEKW emote in their streaming sessions. This resulted in the increasing popularity of KEKW, and eventually largely substituted LOL, ROFL, and other methods of voicing uncontrollable laughter.


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KEKW is currently one of the top 15 emotes on Twitch. Considering how extremely popular the scene with the Spanish comedian has been, it’s only normal that people use this image to express their laughter more clearly. Or, to be more specific, that something is amusing.

KEKW Popular Remixes


Just like lol evolved into lul, lulz, or omegalul, KEKW is almost certain to evolve as well since people feel the need to push it to the next stage of insanity. However such variations are valid in writing and the real KWEK meaning remains unchanged for eternal.

However, when writing or reading something on Twitter, it is completely acceptable to use or see a KEKW variant that uses the letter W as the beginning of a new phrase, such as KEKWWhat or KEKWow or KEKWhen.

KEKW & Meme Culture

Since the high-quality video was shared in a language that many people could not understand, memers created a template with the desired subtitles. It soon went viral and was introduced to the Internet’s list of memes.

That was it! I know after knowing KEKW meaning you can’t hold yourself to use the term…KEKW!!!!!


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