Top 5 Anime Like Death Note To Watch In January 2022

Even though it was tough to compile a list of dark and mystical anime like Death Note, here it is.

Death Note, despite its brief storyline, is a genius masterpiece created in the history of anime. With its fascinating and gruesome mystery, it has effectively left anime fans craving more and set the benchmark. Though numerous moral and ethical questions have been raised about the dark theme, one can’t help but oddly enjoy the show’s aggression. Similarly, there are a bunch of other engrossing anime like Death Note that will leave you speechless.

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Top 5 Anime Like Death Note To Watch In 2022

I’m sure Death Note is everyone’s favourite anime because of its unusual narration, interesting characters, the incredible fight of cleverness between the hero and villain, powerful strategies, and much more. Since the show is too easy to get obsessed with, I’ve mentioned anime like Death Note to keep up with your addiction.


As the title indicates, Psycho-pass is an insane show that challenges you to figure out the true meanings of right and wrong, good and evil, fair and unfair. The show will make you question moral, ethics, and human existence.

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The show centres around judging individuals and determining their likelihood of breaking the law. The storey takes place in the near future when the government bureau is well equipped with technology that estimates the chances of a person committing a crime. If a person is found to be a threat and risk to society, he or she is sentenced to compulsory rehab. In the event of a person seen as a serious threat, is killed immediately, even before he or she commits the crime.

Stupid, right? Psycho-Pass is one of the darkest anime like Death Note that challenges humanity in a futuristic setting. I suggest you must give this anime a shot.

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)ANIME-LIKE-DEATH-NOTE

To start, Mirai Nikki is not for the soft-hearted people because it contains twisted mind games, trauma, and nightmares. However, if you are unusually tempted to watch this wicked series, go ahead and do so.

Mirai Nikki presents the disturbing lives of a group of unlucky players forced to play God’s survival game, the Future Diary Game. Each player has a chance to survive and become the next God if they correctly predict the future using the special diary provided.

Yukiteru Amano is the protagonist of the storey, and he suspects that his only companion, a young woman called Yuno Gasai, might be a danger herself. Check out the trailer below!



Who hasn’t heard of the well-known anime One Punch Man? Everyone, especially anime enthusiasts, because the buzz created by the anime was unmatched. I’m curious as to why you haven’t seen the anime yet. If you like Death Note, One Punch Man is a close match that you should not miss.

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Originally, Saitama, the anime’s main hero, was yet another average human being before he became aware of the evils that lurk in the universe. To protect mankind from those horrible villains, Saitama trains himself to become the most powerful hero on the planet. His one punch is fearsome enough to scare off rivals, hence the title One Punch Name.



You must be familiar with the term Karma, right? Death Parade is the same thing. Your deeds earn you the key to the door after death. Death Parade answers the eternal question of the world, what’s life after death?

According to the anime there are only two doors afterlife none grants you freedom and liberation though just reincarnation or void. In the anime you will see a recently dead person entering a bar and a bartender will assign him a game to play. Winning or losing the game decides what he gets, reincarnation or void.

The anime will literally make you face the inevitable death without showing any mercy. Death Parade is indeed one of the anime like Death Note.

Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodANIME-LIKE-DEATH-NOTE

Ignoring the fact that the setting of the series is not vicious and creepy, I have included it here for its terrifying plot.

Fullmental Alchemist: Brotherhood is a tale about two brothers who study the craft of alchemy at a young age. They use alchemy as a futile attempt to get their mother back to life. One brother loses an arm and a leg in the process, while the other loses his entire body.

To reclaim their body parts, they set on an adventure to seek the assistance of the famous Philosopher. The story is sure to give you chills, add it to your watchlist immediately.

That’s our top picks for anime like Death Note. Prepare yourself to get captivated with their darkest of fantasies that will keep you over the edge.