How To Find Hangyodon In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Hangyodon is waiting for you in his Comedy Club in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. This guide will help you find him.

Hangyodon is a fish species in Hello Kitty Island Adventure who runs a Comedy Club underwater and this guide will help you find him. Once you spot him in the game, you can increase your friendship with him too. This will also help you gain rewards and complete quests with his help. Hangyodon is not found where he usually resides, due to the shakey landing of all the characters on the island. He is always described as a lonely fish, which is why it is not okay to keep him waiting.

How to Meet Hangyodon in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

find hangyodon in hello kitty island adventure

  1. To find Hangyodon in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you need to have a Snorkel.
  2. For the Snorkel, you have to develop your friendship with Kuromi.
  3. She will then, help you with the crafting recipe for a Snorkel called the Snorkel Plan.
  4. You can then craft a Snorkel.
  5. Then, the next step is to equip it and deep dive into the ocean.
  6. For that, you will have to visit Rainbow Reef.
  7. Then keep swimming until you reach a building underwater, that is called the Comedy Club.
  8. The Comedy Club is run by Hangyodon and as you enter, he will greet you there.

You will be his first audience member. Not everyone landed appropriately in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Even though Hangyodon shouldn’t be staying at the Comedy Club, he has lost his way and no one knew how to reach out to him. Now that you have found him, you can also go through this article on how to find all 7 lost luggage and help deliver Hangyodon his luggage. This will also help increase your friendship with him.

That’s all on how to find Hangyodon in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to find Gemstone Critter List in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.