GTA Union Depository Contract – Complete Walkthrough & Guide

With this new Robbery Contract, you can get more than $500K in GTA Online. Here is how to complete the mission.

With the new Los Santos update on September 2nd, a new robbery contract was released. The GTA Union Depository Contract mission reward actually depends upon the number of people playing in the mission. For 2 weeks GTA Online is actually doing 2x rewards for contracts.

The mission is divided into 3 parts, the first part is where you have to get an elevator key from a businessman that will help you open the vault. The second part is spying on the bank manager for the vault code. The third part which is the main part of the contract is all about breaking into the vault and stealing gold and then delivering it to the client.

Since you cannot pick up all the gold yourself, the reward will be less as a SOLO mission. In a solo mission, you could earn anywhere from $500K to $600K. In a mission with more people, you can easily earn more than $600K. You also get an extra $75000 when you complete the contract for the first time.

GTA Union Depository Contract

GTA Union Depository Contract Walkthrough & Tips

The whole contract is divided into 3 parts. The first two parts are missions where you can prep for the third part to make things easier for you. Here is how:

Elevator Key

Start the mission from the Auto Shop Contract Board. Drive or Ride a Bike to Del Perro Heights Apartment and shoot all the enemies inside. Search the businessman’s body for the key and then head to the elevator. Kill the enemies in the garage and then get in the security vehicle (black SUV on the left).
Once you have the vehicle, you will have 3 options to park your security vehicle in. You can part it in either of them however, try to park it in the spot closest to the Depository.

Tip: Focus on shooting the heads of the guards as this will make things faster for you. Throw sticky bombs inside the doors for easier gameplay.

GTA Union Depository Contract

Vault Code

Once you have completed part one, you can once again go to the Auto Shop Board and start Vault Code. For this mission, you have to head over to Los Santos International Airport and steal a Police Helicopter. Go to the Union Depository Parking Lot and use the police scanner to scan the Blue car. If you’re not sure what car it is, you can zoom in and look for the Bank manager inside the car. When the manager starts driving, follow the blue car. The goal is to click photos of the Bank Manager with another woman and send them to Sessanta.

Tip: If you want to lose the wanted level, you can buy a TerrorByte and just stay in it for a minute and walk back out. When you click the photo of the Manager with the woman, make sure they are hugging and you are zoomed in to see them clearly.

GTA Union Depository Contract

GTA Union Depository Contract

The Robbery

This is the final part and the main part of the GTA Union Depository Contract. For this part, we suggest you go in with heavy armor and take a car that is fast enough and can take bullets from the back. First, start the mission and then head over to the security vehicle and take it to the Depository. Go to the elevator and swipe your card and make your way to the Vault.
Once you have all the gold, enemies will start to show up. Now all you need to do is shoot all the enemies down while making your way outside to your getaway security vehicle. Then deliver the gold to the client.

Tip: Make sure you are heavily armored. There are enemies hiding behind doors and walls so make sure you shoot them all before going ahead. When you get in your security vehicle in the end, go offroad for a while and just drive around to lose your wanted level before taking it to the client.

GTA Union Depository Contract

GTA Union Depository Contract

This is how you can complete the GTA Union Depository Contract Mission fairly easily! We hope this guide was easy for you to understand. If your Auto Shop is not working, check this guide here.