How To Reach CSGO Private Rank 2? Tips & Tricks

Looking to be a part of the competition on CSGO but don't know how to get to Private Rank 2? Here is how.

CSGO has a very competitive player base where almost everyone is a part of the ranking system. There are 18 ranks for the competitive gameplay ranging from Silver 1 to The Global Elite. Apart from this, CSGO also has something called Profile Ranks. There are a total of 40 levels which are also the profile ranks. CSGO Private Rank 2 is when the game allows you to take part in competitive gameplay. This is a guide to how you can become that level and what that level exactly is.

What are the CSGO Profile Ranks?

There are 40 profile ranks in CSGO in total. You go up in ranks by gaining XP which can be earned through gameplay. Here is a list of all the ranks and XP in CSGO.

Total XP Profile Rank Name
0 XP Recruit Rank 1
5000 XP Private Rank 2
10000 XP Private Rank 3
15000 XP Private Rank 4
20000 XP Corporal Rank 5
25000 XP Corporal Rank 6
30000 XP Corporal Rank 7
35000 XP Corporal Rank 8
40000 XP Sergeant Rank 9
45000 XP Sergeant Rank 10
50000 XP Sergeant Rank 11
55000 XP Sergeant Rank 12
60000 XP Master Sergeant Rank 13
65000 XP Master Sergeant Rank 14
70000 XP Master Sergeant Rank 15
75000 XP Master Sergeant Rank 16
80000 XP Sergeant Major Rank 17
85000 XP Sergeant Major Rank 18
90000 XP Sergeant Major Rank 19
95000 XP Sergeant Major Rank 20
100,000 XP Lieutenant Rank 21
105,000 XP Lieutenant Rank 22
110,000 XP Lieutenant Rank 23
115,000 XP Lieutenant Rank 24
120,000 XP Captain Rank 25
125,000 XP Captain Rank 26
130,000 XP Captain Rank 27
135,000 XP Captain Rank 28
140,000 XP Major Rank 29
145,000 XP Major Rank 30
150,000 XP Major Rank 31
155,000 XP Major Rank 32
160,000 XP Colonel Rank 33
165,000 XP Colonel Rank 34
170,000 XP Colonel Rank 35
175,000 XP Brigadier General Rank 36
180,000 XP Major General Rank 37
185,000 XP Lieutenant General Rank 38
190,000 XP General Rank 39
195,000 XP Global General Rank 40

What is CSGO Private Rank 2?

CSGO Private Rank 2 is the second rank in the list of Profile Ranks. The reason it is important to be Private Rank 2, is because it unlocks the competitive gameplay. If you want to join the competitive matchmaking in CSGO, you have to play the casual games enough to get XP to level up. To be Private Rank 2, you need to have 5000 XP.

Csgo private rank 2

In order to earn XP, you can play Casual games or even Deathmatch. Many players on the Steam Community have said that they can reach CSGO Private Rank 2 by playing just two deathmatches. XP is something that is determined by your game performance. When you join the game on a new account, your account will also have an XP boost that will help you level up through Recruit and Private Ranks fast.

This was everything about the CSGO Private Rank 2 and how to get there. Read everything about the CSGO Ranking system for competitive here.