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How to Get Backstabber Medal In Call of Duty Mobile (CODM)?

Here is a guide to get backstabber medal in CODM!

There are various medals in the Call Of Duty Mobile (CODM) that add prestige to the player’s profile. One of them is Backstabber medal. Getting a backstabber medal in CODM is one of the tasks in a base Katana event in Call Of Duty Mobile.

For the unversed, Peacekeeper camo and a base Katana are new events that have just been added to COD Mobile Season 6. If you are having trouble earning backstabber medal in CODM then don’t worry, we have you covered.

How To Get Backstabber Medal In COD Mobile?

How to get backstabber medal in CODM

Katana base event has several tasks to complete. One of them needs you to get a backstabber medal 5 times in CODM. All players have to kill at least 5 enemies from behind to get this medal.

It doesn’t look as simple as it sounds. You need to properly strategize your moves if you want to get all 5 medals in a single match.

Here are all steps that you will need to follow to get the backstabber medal in Call Of Duty Mobile:

  • Enter the loadout section from the multiplayer and select any melee weapon of your choice.
  • Prefer choosing any knife from melee weapons to complete this task.
  • Start the match in any mode you are good at and make sure to switch to the stealth mode.
  • Now stay Stealth and let the enemy pass across you. Once he moves ahead you can quickly go from behind and stab him with your melee weapon.
  • Every kill will reward you with one backstabber medal in the Call Of Duty Mobile. Follow the same steps and get the medal 4 times more to complete the task.

There is one more way to get a backstabber medal in the CODM. If you think you are a pro in the game you can opt for a face-to-face fight. But this it is very difficult to do and chances are very less to earn medal in it.

Therefore we suggest you stick to being stealthy and get the Backstabber medal as soon as you can to move for the next one.

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