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Why Is CODM Full Of Bots (2022)

Find out how to get AI opponents in COD Mobile.

Any player that has spent some number of hours playing games like CODM or Free Fire will have a brief idea about bots. In fact, there are times when CODM players are part of bot lobbies especially when they are still relatively new to the game.

So, what are bots and why are there so many of them in CODM? Is it possible to get bot lobbies in the game? Find out all the details below.

Bots In CODM Explained


In CODM bots are basically AI characters that are introduced to fill up the number in a lobby. This can sometimes result in bot lobbies where there are more bots than actual players during a CODM game. These bots are more commonly found in low ranking games.

Interestingly, the existence of bots in a game has never been confirmed by Activision. However, players have long suspected that they are paired with bots to fill up the numbers in a match. Players up to level 10 face a higher number of bots in their matches than higher ranked players.

Players can also get into bot lobbies with the Practice vs AI mode. Here’s how to do that.

How To Play Against Bots In CODM?

Players can follow the simple steps given below to play in bot lobbies in CODM.

  • First, players must launch COD Mobile.
  • Now, they must click on the multiplayer option.
  • There will be a number of different options. Select Practice.
  • After this, players must select the Practice vs AI game mode.
  • Once the mode is selected, players can click Confirm and begin  practicing against bots before they face off against real opponents.

Another way to get a lot of bots is to play at an odd time. This will ensure that not many players are active in the game and CODM will automatically assign bots to complete the numbers.

This is all about bots and how to players can enter bot lobbies in CODM. For more Call of Duty, check out How To Kick Or Remove Bots In CS: Go?