What Is Server Error DB Error In BGMI & How To Fix It?

Facing trouble logging in to BGMI or can't see the friend list? Check this guide out.

Earlier this week, the players of BGMI throughout the country weren’t able to log in to the game or see the friend list in the game. Apart from that, they couldn’t add any new friends either. If you faced the same problem too, we will get to the depth of the Server Error DB Error issue through this guide.

Server Error DB Error or Server is busy DB Error was the message flashing before the screen of the players when they tried logging in to BGMI. This problem surfaced after the servers of the game were refreshed as per usual. The Krafton team soon responded as having been on top of the situation.

How to Fix Server Error DB Error in BGMI?

Server Error DB Error

Unfortunately, there is no way BGMI players can fix this issue from the outside. Only the developers can have a look at it and get rid of the problem. Such errors can appear due to some kind of server issue or any bugs in the game.

During that time, the players could still play in Arena mode or Arcade mode. Apart from that, players can still form a squad in the game via the Local Team option.

However, this issue was fixed later that day, although it took some time for the developers to look into the matter and find the root cause of the issue. Also, Krafton team issued a notice in the game for all the players requesting to have patience and reassuring that the game will up and running in no time.

For now, there are no complications in playing the game. But if you encounter the error again, you know how else you can play the game. Or the best you can do is wait and let the developers do their job and get back to you.

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