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Blaze of Battle: How To Get Skill Points?

Skill Points which can be used for research and development of your city.

Blaze of Battle is a game that allows players to raise their armies and build their own cities. Your Skill Points play an important role in your progression through the game. They are directly linked to your Lord Level which is a different element than your city level but equally important. In this guide, we will explain how you can get Skill Points in Blaze of Battle.

How To Get Skill Points In Blaze Of Battle?


Blaze of Battle rewards you with XP points every time you complete an activity in the game. These XP points can be used to increase your Lord Level. Once your XP bar is full, you can level up your Lord making them more powerful than before. Increasing your Lord level can grant you skill points which can further be used for research and development of your city.

Whenever you increase your Lord Level you receive 1 Skill Point. These Skill Points can be used for private research. Each research consists of 5 to 50 stages so you will have to increase your Lord Level consistently if you want to max out your research. Every research step uses up one Skill Point.

To see how many skill points you have and the research you can run, you can visit the Skills menu on your profile screen. There are some research categories that you must prioritize when choosing areas to research. The first research category, we would recommend is Resource Production. By researching this category, you can increase the production of each resource by up to 350% when you reach Resource Production IV. Other categories you might want to focus on are Construction, Gathering, Troop Training, Research Speed, and Troop Training Capacity.

This is how you can increase your Lord level in Blaze of Battle. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more gaming guides, check out How To Use Drill Plan In Arknights?