Arknights: How To Use Drill Plan?

A Drill Plan can help you simulate battles for your Operators.

Drill Plan is an important element in Arknights. It can help you simulate battles for your Operators. With the help of a Drill Plan, you can plan your battle strategies and prepare an action plan. If you want to know how you can use a Drill Plan, this guide will be useful to you.

How To Use Drill Plan In Arknights?


Drill Plan can help prepare your Operators for enemy ambushes and different game terrains. You can choose to use a Drill Plan before attempting a quest to increase your success probability. This will save your Sanity that you have to use when failing quests in the game. Drill Plan is restored to 30 every day. You can collect them every day to practice any quests that you feel might provide a challenge for you. IF you run out of Drill Plans on a particular day, you can just wait for the next day to collect more.

You cannot use Drill Plan in modes that do not consume your Sanity. For example, Drill Plans cannot be used in Annihilation or Training. The exception to this rule are the Heart of Surging Flame side story missions. Even though they do no consume Sanity, it is possible to use a Drill Plan for them. However, it is not recommended to do so as they do not cost anything now. This is why it is best to just attempt them without wasting Drill Plans in them.

Running the Practice Mode for a quest requires 1 Drill plan. If you wish to you a Drill Plan for the Challenger Mode of an operation, it will cost you 3 Drill Plans instead of one.

This is how you can use Drill Plan in Arknights. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more guides related to the game, check out How To Get Lumen In Arknights?