Best City Building Games For Android (January 2023)

Here are the best games to build your dream city!

City building games are simple simulation games that let you build your dream city online. Here you take all the decisions to expand, explore, decorate, and develop your dream city. There are plenty of city building games available online that might leave you in confusion to pick the best one. In this article, we will help you with some of the best city building games for your android smartphones with the best graphics and features.

So without any further ado, let’s straight get on the list of the best city building or town building games to have the best time.

Top 5 Best Town Building Games Of All time

1. Township

best city building games for android

Township is the best city building game for android for all beginners. If you haven’t got your hands on any city building games as of now and this is your first time in this genre, then Township can be the best pick for you. In Township, you play as an overall controller of the city where you can get pets, farm different crops, run small factories, and deliver orders to earn money to expand your town.

2. Clash Of Clans

best city building games for android

Clash Of Clans is based on a simple formula of building and destroying a village. Play the game to expand your town, build the army to protect it from your enemies or invaders, and enjoy the game. The game is full of exciting features and graphics where one can actually have fun building and destroying buildings by using their troops. Build the strongest army and troops to protect your village and keep expanding your village in Clash Of Clans!

 3. City Island 5

best city building games for android

Do you like islands? Then try building your very own city in the City Island 5. This is one of the best city building games for android that has the best graphics and amazing features. In City Island 5 you have to start from scratch to build your megacity and protect it from the pirates in the sea. To go with that, City Island 5 also has interesting in-game events and missions that will help you enhance your skills and build the best island city.

4. SimCity BuildIt

best city building games for android

SimCity BuldIt is a game from the SimCity franchise that lets players play with their imagination and build a virtual city on their mobile. This is a bit different than the other city building games as you not only have to build the city but also have to tackle the day-to-day problems in city life. Solve the problems of sewage, traffic, pollution, etc. to make life easier for all the citizens. Download SimCity BuildIt to understand some real-life city problems virtually.

5. Megapolis: Building Simulator

best city building games for android

Megapolis is the best city building game for android where you can try out multiple things going on in a megacity. Build, explore, develop, mine, and create the wonderland that you want in Megapolis on your phone. Complete tasks, missions, earn points, and have your best time in one of the best town-building games on your smartphone.

With this, we come to the end of our article on the best city building game for android of all time. Check out another article on the best games arcade games to play on iPhone.