Best Bus Simulator Games For Android (2022)

Searching for the Best Bus Simulator Games for Android? Read along this guide.

We have all travelled in buses in our lives and have wondered about how difficult it would be to drive a giant vehicle on the road. Well, these games will help you to understand and experience that thought in reality. In this guide, below you will see the list of best Bus Simulator Games for Android.

Best Bus Simulator Games for Android


Here are some of the Top 5 Best Bus Simulator games that you can try out on android devices. Check these games out and be a part of this journey.

Bus Simulator: Original

bus simulator original


Bus Simulator Original is a game developed by Ovidio Pop. In this game, you can drive around a variety of Buses. The scenic views and different maps are available for you to try out. You can play this game in TPP and FPP and learn how to become a bus driver. Drive around in the bus in various realistic regions and weather conditions. Bus Simulator Original is available on Play Store and can be played on both Android Mobiles and PCs.

Bus Driver Simulator

Best Bus Simulator Games


The game, Bus Driver Simulator, gives you a chance to play as a bus driver. You can choose from a list of regions and drive different kinds of buses. You can play this in Third Person Perspective as well as in First Person Perspective mode. Learn the features of the bus and drive the bus as if it you are driving in the real world. Take control of the steering and discover the world through the windshield of a bus. You can play this game on Microsoft Windows.

City Bus Simulator 2010

Bus Simulator 2010


In City Bus Simulator 2010, you get to play a Bus Driver in New York. You have to follow a daily route and drive the passengers to the stops on your route. In this game, you will learn how to drive a bus with realistic features on the streets of New York City. Defeat the traffic in New York City in one of the Best Bus Simulator Games. This game is available to play on PC.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate

Ultimate best bus simulator games

The game Bus Simulator: Ultimate has put the bus simulator games on a higher level and hence has landed in this list. Along with maps from different countries, you can drive around in a bus with modern controls and features. The realistic looks of the Bus Stations and the passengers keep you engrossed in the game. This is an offline single player game that you can download from Google Play Store.

World Bus Driving Simulator

world bus driving

World Bus Driving Simulator is one of the Best Bus Simulator games that gives the players an immersive experience of driving a bus. You can travel around the world driving various modern buses in different cities and several intensities of traffics. The realistic features of the game gives you the feel of a real bus driver. You can play this game on Android devices and download it from Play Store.

These are the Top 5 Best Bus Simulator games available on Android platforms. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, feel free to check out Best Shark Games for Android and Best Hacking Games for Android Phones.


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