Best Hacking Games For Android Phones (January 2023)

Here are all of the hacking games for all you Android players out there.

Hacking is a serious skill that not a lot of people have. A serious skill that could even get you in trouble if you aren’t careful. And so, if you want to try out some cool games to help you get a feel of the hacking world then you came to the right place. Now find the best hacking games for your android device with ease. Each game listed here is easy to find on Google Play itself. And to make things easier, we’ve even linked the same as well. So go on and find the right one(s) for you!

Which are the Best Hacking Games for Android?

Best Hacking Games For Android Phones

Here are the top 5 hacking Games for Android that you need to download today:

Hacker Simulator: Tycoon

Hacker Simulator: Tycoon Best Hacking Games For Android Phones

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This is one of those Android hacking games that is a very cool combination of life simulation, hacking and programming. You get to choose between being a dark or white-hat hacker. The difference between the two is like choosing between the sides of good and evil. Literally. Install malware or protect websites and banks. Which one will you choose?

Don’t take it too seriously though, even if you prefer the darker side of things. This is just a game and you will be sure to enjoy it no matter which one you pick. That’s what put’s it at No. 1 on this list. So go on and give it a go a try on your phone today!

The Lonely Hacker

The Lonely Hacker

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Here is a game that will give you a genuine experience of how hacking actually works. Now with the Lonely Hacker, you can do stuff like data and cryptocurrency mining as well as much much more. This is one of those Android hacking games that are so good that you might even forget that it’s fiction and not a reality. The minigames are a bonus feature to keep you hooked even when you get bored of your actual job as a hacker. The only problem is that it’s not free. But still remains to be totally worth the cost.



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If you enjoy playing games on your tablet then this is the one for you. A detailed game with many elements to offer, this is one of those hacking games that is all about building and refining your network. Use the game’s clever 3D graphics, tools and malware programs to have one of the most unique gaming experiences.

This is one of the more competitive Android hacking games. Here you can build your own cyber base builder as you game. If strong enough, it will last even if other players try to bring it down. This also means that you will have to try to take other bases down with your coding and other tools. Are you up to the task?

Breacher Story 1 & 2

Breacher Story

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A compelling narrative is what will get you interested in the game. Hack different elements and enjoy the game as you uncover different mysteries. Are you up for the challenge that this Android hacking game brings? As you dive into the world of the Breacher Story, the sequel of which is called Breacher Story 2. Two Android hacking games getting you hooked on the content isn’t easy to come by. But these are two games that accomplish the same beautifully.

Once you finish part one, you can easily get part 2 and pick up right where the last one left off. The only setback is that the game isn’t free to play. I know, right? But the game sure is worth more than its fee. Get this hacking game if you have the money and enjoy.

Hacker – Tap Smartphone Tycoon

Hacker - tap smartphone tycoon

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This is a hacking game in which players are able to hack and use their skills to develop their programs. Along with their lives. Live in the best of houses, offices, events as well as conferences among other things that you can do. As a hacker, you can do anything and the game allows you to do it all. Hacker – Tap Smartphone Tycoon is one of those Android hacking games that is based on real-life events. So go on and use it to make a cool life as a hacker.

This was our article on the top 5 best hacking games for all Android gamers out there. We hope that you enjoy all of them even if some take up more space on your phone than others! To read more about games to play on your Android phone, why don’t you check out this guide on the best meme generator apps for iPhone and Android.