Axie Infinity Last Stand Guide: What It Is, How To Enter And Best Cards

Know everything the Last Stand In Axie Infinity! How to enter, last longer and use the best cards that have last stand effects.

Axie Infinity is a new type of game that is partially owned by players. You have to earn AXS Tokens (In-game currency) by playing and decide the future of the game. There are Axies in the game that are fierce creatures that love to battle, build and hunt for treasures. All you have to do in the game is build a collection of all Axies from the infinite options available in the game and use them in battles to win against your enemies.

Read further to know what is Last Stand in Axie Infinity is and how you can enter and last long here.

What Is Last Stand In Axie Infinity?

Last Stand in Axie Infinity

Last Stand is a State that Axie enters when it receives a fatal blow (attack from multiple sides) and its HP goes down to Zero. There are plenty of Axies with unique strengths and weaknesses in Axie Infinity. You will build the best collection of Axies in the game but there will be times when you receive attacks from 2 or 3 opponent Axies and you are about to lose the battle.

At this point, you will suddenly see a flame around your Axie who is about to die. When this flame appears behind your Axie that time it enters the Last Stand mode in Axie Infinity.

How To Enter The Last Stand In Axie Infinity?

Every Axie will not enter the Last Stand in Axie Infinity. There is a calculation decoded by the Axie community that will help you analyze whether your Axie will enter this mode or not. This is not an official calculation but it is referred to by the whole Axie community.

There are two factors that decide which Axie will enter the Last Stand and which will not:

  • Excess Damage 
  • Morale Modifier

And here is a formula for you to calculate the Excess damage and Morale Modifier that will help you analyze whether your Axie will enter the Last Stand or not.

  • Excess Damage = Damage of fatal attack – Axie’s remaining HP
  • Morale Modifier = (Axie’s remaining HP * Morale) / 100

Axie enters the Last Stand if the Morale Modifier is greater than the Excess Damage (Morale Modifier >>> Excess Damage) from the opponent’s last attack. Try using these formulas and see if you can analyze and guess whether your Axie going to get that last chance to attack your opponent or not.

Let’s Do Some Maths, Here Is An Example To Clear Your Confusion:

  • Beast Axie = 83 Morale and 130 remaining HP
  • Enemy Axie = Attacks your Beast Axie with a fatal blow of 180 Damage

Now lets use the formula and see, if your Axie survives for a Last Stand in Axie Infinity:

  • Excess Damage = 180 – 100 = 80
  • Morale Modifier = (100 * 83) / 100 = 83

Since Morale Modifier is higher than Excess Damage for 3 points (83 >> 80). Hence your Axie will survive for a while and enter the Last Stand.

 List Of Best Cards That Has Effect On Last Stand:

Last Stand in Axie Infinity

Here is a list of all the cards that affect the Last Stand in Axie Infinity:

  • Grub Explode — Use this card to deal 200% damage when attacking in Last Stand.
  • Hero’s Bane — Use this card to end the target’s Last Stand.
  • Nitro Leap — Use this card to strike first if this Axie is in Last Stand.
  • Puffy Smack — Use this card to skip targets that are there in Last Stand.
  • Rampant Howl — Use this card to apply Morale+ to your team for 2 rounds.
  • Revenge Arrow — Use this card to deal 150% damage if this Axie is in Last Stand.
  • Scale Dart — Use this card to draw a card if the target is in Last Stand
  • Star Shuriken — Use this card when the target cannot enter Last Stand

How To Stop Your Opponents From Entering The Last Stand?

You must have got an idea now that all you need to do to not let your Enemy enter the Last Stand. Still, here are few tips for you to stop your enemy from entering the Last Stand In Axie Infinity.

  • Try to put your enemy’s target as close to zero as possible before attacking with your final blow.
  • Arrange your cards in proper order so that you use the best card as your finishing attack to deal the highest damage to the enemy Axie.

This is everything you need to know to give your best move in the Last Stand in Axie Infinity. Check Another Article on how to convert PVU into PHP.