Alice Fiction: What To Buy At The Shop?

Find out the best items to pick up at the Alice Fiction shop.

Alice Fiction is a free to play, puzzle RPG. There are a lot of resources in the game that can make progressing through the game much easier and faster. You can buy a lot of these items at the shop in Alice Fiction. In this guide, we will list all the items you should prioritize buying in the game to get the maximum output.

Best Things To Buy At The Shop In Alice Fiction


While the game shop in Alice Fiction has everything from Passes to Folklore, it is important to prioritize your purchases. A lot of items might seem like a good deal but won’t help you progress as efficiently as others. Keeping this in mind we have created a list of all the items you should go for in the shop.

Ticket Packs

These packs are one of the purchases that you should put above the rest. The contents of these packs are usually great and can help you a lot in the game. For example, if you purchase the Official Release Premium Pack, not only do you get 10,000 Quartz when you buy it, you also get a 3-star Character Ticket that guarantees a 3-star Folklore from the Gacha banners. However, that is not all as you also get 400 Anima Medals with this pack. These Medals can be used to Ascend your Folklore or get rarer Folklore in Alice Fiction.

There are also a number of limited time Ticket Packs available in the game at times. You can visit the game shop to see what’s on offer and select the Ticket Pack that best suits your needs.


You can also invest in getting a new Folklore from the game shop in Alice Fiction. Himiko is a offensive healer Folklore that can only be purchased through the shop at the moment.

Quartz Packs

You can also purchase Quartz packs from the shop that can help you draw more Folklore or World memories. The Newbie Login Pass can grant you 1,020 Quartz for logging in 7 consecutive days. Meanwhile, the Newbie Premium Login Pass upgrades the rewards for logging in 7 days in a row to 4,260 Quartz and 70 Beginner Battle Records. The Daily Quartz Pass is also a useful one as it can reward you with 90 Anima Medals, 30 memory Keys, and 3,640 Quartz over 30 days.

Enhancement Packs

Enhancement Packs offer a combination of items like Quartz, Energy, Battle Records, and Credits. All of these items can be quite useful for you when trying to get new Folklore or upgrade existing ones. The Alice Fiction Official Release Pack can grant you with all of these rewards. You will receive 3000 Quartz, 12000 Energy, 50 Intermediate Battle Records, 400 Beginner Battle Records, and a whooping 1,000,000 Credits.

These are all the best items you can get in the Alice Fiction shop. For more Alice Fiction guides, check out Alice Fiction: Best Settings And How to Change.