Epic Seven: How Does Effectiveness Work?

Want to know how does effectiveness work in Epic Seven? Here is your answer.

While playing Epic Seven, you must have noticed that there are many stats and boosts you have to check on for every hero. It can get quite confusing to remember or understand them while in battle. If you’re looking to know how effectiveness work in Epic Seven, you’ve stumbled onto the right place.

Effectiveness can be tricky to figure out and hence we have made it easy for you. In this guide, we have covered all you need to know about the stat in the game. You simply have to go through this guide.

How does Effectiveness Work in Epic Seven?

How does Effectiveness work in Epic Seven

Here, you will learn how does effectiveness work in Epic Seven. Effectiveness is a stat that determines the effect generated by a hero’s attack on an enemy. This stat is usually beneficial for those heroes who cast debuffs with their attack.

Effectiveness is an enhanced chance of inflicting the debuff on the enemy. However, it is not foolproof. There is a way to counter effectiveness. And that way is Effect Resistance. Effect Resistance is the ability that helps a hero tackle debuffs. For instance, if your enemy has enough Effect Resistance, the Effectiveness stat may not affect it.

Also, an other con of Effectiveness is that it is calculated on a random number generator (RNG) basis. So, even if you have Effectiveness, the damage dealt by the attack is not in your control. This makes the stat subjective as it will affect every hero differently.

This is all you need to know about how does effectiveness work in Epic Seven. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as How to Counter Rem in Epic Seven? and How many Bookmarks you need to Collect for Pity?