What are the Garena Free Fire OB33 New Features?

Find out the new features of the Garena Free Fire OB33.

Any popular game’s update will bring about quite a bit of buzz around it. But none are like Garena Free Fire! Their updates come with early access to the gameplay as well as a ton of cool new features to play around with. In this article, we have listed down the Garena Free Fire OB33 features coming out tomorrow.

Is Garena Free Fire OB33 Coming Out With New Features 1


Which are the Garena Free Fire OB33 features?

New Character + Character rework


New Character Skill

In this update, a new character will be coming out. Apart from his skill named ‘Swordsman’s Wrath’, there is not much that we know about him. The skill itself allows him to take 80% less frontal damage to protect him from danger up ahead.

The character has been concealed but it looks like he will be a part of some future collaboration. Apart from this, some characters will be updated and have changes made to their abilities. In this list are A124, Steffie, Nikita, and Rafael.


New Pet

New Pet- Zasil

There is a new pet being introduced named Zasil. Apart from being a total cutie, Zasil possesses the ability of Extra Luck. This skill will help bring the players 25% more of a chance to get medkits, inhalers or even repair kits for free!


New Weapons

New Weapon- G36

Two new weapons are going to be introduced as well, the G36 as well as the F2000. Both weapons are assault rifles. While the F2000 has yet to be unveiled, the G36 features two modes:

  • Assault
  • Balanced

**Note: Garena will be revealing the additional details of both after the OB33 comes out.

Credit System

A new system that aims to enforce a positive gaming environment will be introduced in the game as well. This will come as the ‘Credit System’ where users are able to acquire rewards by maintaining a credit score of 100.

Zombie Invasion mode

To make the game a little more challenging, Free Fire will also introduce a new game mode in the Bermuda map. This game mode will be called the ‘Zombie Invasion’ mode. The dead are coming alive, will you be the one killing them off or joining the zombie club? We can’t wait to find out!

Character Link Feature

A new Link feature will allow players to claim any character that they want for a limited period of one hour. Using this feature, players can then repeatedly acquire the specific character permanently through their Link progress.

With all of these exciting features and more, we can’t wait to see how the game develops. Free Fire is changing up the mobile world of Battle Royale. We hope that you too are excited about the features of the Garena Free Fire OB33. Register to become a beta tester for the same right now! To read more about Free Fire, check out this article on how to download and get Free Fire Advance Server in 2022?