Top 3 Best Gun Combos For Free Fire Clash Squad (November 2022)

Find out Top 3 Best Gun Combos For Free Fire Clash Squad.

The Free Fire Clash Squad  is about getting killing enemies and surviving the levels by dodging the heavy strength. It is an altogether different game as compared to the classic model. In this mode, players get to purchase weapons before every round.

It mostly has close to medium-range combat, where players earn money to purchase weapons for their next round. Hence SMGs, shotguns, ARs are the best choices in Free Fire Clash Squad mode.

Top 3 Best Gun combos For Free Fire Clash Squad

If you are looking for the top 3 best gun combos for Free Fire Clash Squad check out the following list.

UMP and M1014

For beginners, UMP and M1014 combo are the best among all the others because it is the easiest and efficient combo for beginners. UMP comes with medium-range damage with a hard covering.

M1010 is a deadly gun in Free Fire Clash Squad. It serves best for the players who do not have armours or helmets. It will help you to score quick kills in hardly one or two shots in a close range. The only con of this gun is its range, the player has to move close to their enemies smartly to kill them.

AUG and MAG-7

The AUG is considered the best weapon available in Free Fire Clash Squad. It’s an all-rounder weapon with enough range to cover small clash code mode maps hence worth its cost. Only one thing we need to keep in mind while fighting against enemies is it has only 35 magazines.

The MAG-7 complements AUG7 pretty well as it provides us with a quick shot in closer ranges. It has the same strength as M1014 in close-quarter fights. You can also use this as a finishing weapon in critical situations. It serves as a decent cover weapon.


This is the best combination among the other two as it covers all the ranges. It’s best for the players who are good at hitting the bull’s eye.

FAMAS has burst fire mode which is super effective against the targets without helmets. It also has a great cover range around the whole Clash Squad map.

MP5 is a cover weapon for close ranges. It has a magazine capacity of 48 shells and its best short-range SMG.

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