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How To Use Emergency Pickup In BGMI (2023)

Players can use this new feature and escape to the Safe Zone.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a battle royale game that was introduced after PUBG got banned from the country. Since then, the game has gathered a lot of popularity with new players coming in daily. The game consistently receives updates and new features to keep things interesting in the game. However, the 2.0 update brought a game-changing feature for its players. BGMI players can now use the Emergency Pickup feature to escape the shrinking Playzone.

The Emergency Pickup will lift players out of their current location and transport them to a safe spot that they choose. In today’s article, we will explain how players can use this feature to get a free ride to the safe zone.

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BGMI: How To Find And Use The Emergency Pickup Bag?


Currently, the Emergency Pickup feature is available on the Erangel and Miramar maps. Players will find the Emergency Pickup Bag at random around the map. There is no fixed location where players are guaranteed to find the Bag. Once players do find the Bag, they can follow the steps below to use the Emergency Pickup if they are caught in the Danger Zone.

  • Players must carry the Emergency Pickup Bag to an open location. It will be wasted indoors.
  • Now, players can press the balloon button.
  • After waiting for 7.5 seconds, players need to hit the Attach button.
  • The plane will arrive within 15 seconds.
  • Now, players will be taken above the map in the plane similar to the beginning of the game.
  • They can press Exit whenever the plane has reached a location they want to re-enter the game from.

While this is a fantastic feature overall, the players are left vulnerable when the hot-air balloon reveals their location. In addition, players continue to take damage from the Blue Zone even when they are in the air. Though with the use of this feature, they will definitely escape it faster.

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