Apex Legends Mobile: Best Pro 4 Finger Claw Settings (November 2022)

What are the Pro 4 Finger Claw Settings for Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile has been soft-launched in 10 countries recently. The game has managed to replicate its popularity in the mobile format as well. However, the shift from PC to Mobile can be quite disconcerting for many players. They have to familiarize themselves with entirely new controls. For players looking to win big and fast in this game, customization is the key. Players would need to try and come up with the settings that suit them best. To help players along, we are sharing the best Pro 4 Finger Claw settings to help them crush opposition in the game.

Keep in mind that these 4 Finger Claw Settings are merely a suggestion. There might be other settings that work better for certain players. It is best to spend some time in the game and fiddle with the settings before settling down on a particular setting.

What Is The Best Pro 4 Finger Claw Settings For Apex Legends Mobile?


Players would need to customize their layout in order to get the best out of a 4 Finger Claw setting. In order to do this, players can head over to Control Settings in the game. Then, they can go Custom layout. Players can choose a 4 Finger Claw settings from the options given. After this, they can try out the following settings.

Apex Legends Mobile Button Layout

  • Place the jump, crouch, and ADS buttons in a cluster together preferably on the upper corner left or right as per player preference. . These buttons should be accessible with one finger.
  • The Melee Button can be on the right/left of the upper three buttons.
  • Move the scope to the bottom of the special ability button.

Apex Legends Mobile Firing Settings

  • Aim Assist: On
  • Bolt-action Sniper Fire Mode: Tap to Fire
  • Auto-ADS when using a Bolt-action Sniper: Off
  • Shotgun Firing Mode: Tap to Fire
  • One-tap ADS and Fire: Off
  • Secondary Fire Button: On

Apex Legends Mobile ADS Settings

  • ADS Mode: Tap
  • Quick Throw: off
  • Scope Mode: Classic Mode

Apex Legends Mobile Gyroscope Settings

  • Gyroscope Mode: On while ADS
  • Invert Horizontal control: Off
  • Invert Vertical Control: Off

That is all there is to know about 4 Finger Claw Settings in Apex Legends Mobile. For a more detailed look into the best settings and sensitivity for the game, see Apex Legends Mobile Best Settings & Sensitivity.