Best Gintama Watch Order: All Episodes & Movies (2022)

Plan on watching Gintama? Here is the best watch order of the series so that you do not get off track.

Gintama is by far the funniest anime ever, combined with breathtaking action scenes. The characters, specially our protaganist Sakata Gintoki, are totally different than what we have seen in other animes. Shueisha has done an excellent job with this banger anime which is considered to be the best of the bests. So, are you going to watch this comedy/action genre anime? Great choice! It has a total of 367 episodes and a few movies as well. This makes it difficult for new comers to figure out where to start from. So here, we have the best Gintama watch order for you to follow.

Best Gintama Anime Watch Order for All Episodes & Movies

best gintama watch order episodes

Gintama, till now, has 367 episodes which is considered fairly long. It also has 3 movies which you would not want to miss. Here’s a list of all the episodes and movies arranges in order for you to start Gintama:

  1. Gintama episode 1-61
  2. Gintama : The Movie
  3. Gintama episode 62-265
  4. Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya
  5. Gintama episode 266-367
  6. Gintama: The Semi-Final, 2 episodes
  7. Gintama movie: The Final

This is the perfect watch order for anyone who is new to the anime world. Follow the same path that we have mentioned above and you will not miss a single thing in Gintama.

Though, we would recommend you to skip the first Gintama movie. It is nothing but the compilation of all the episodes which cover a particular arc in the anime. So if you make sure to watch all the episodes, you can skip the first movie. But, you must finish all other episodes and movies since they hold many things for the viewers. It’s not just about the story, but also the characters which appear in certain episodes only. They even play major role in the series. As a result, skipping any episode is out of the question.

Why Should you Watch Gintama?

Gintama is a must watch anime. How can I say that? Because I, too, am a huge fan. It will make you laugh rolling on the floor in a moment and make you cry your heart out in the other.

That’s all about the best Gintama watch order, now the only thing left is to find the episodes. Check out these 5 best anime apps to watch anime.